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Yearend General Meetings Flyer


                   He believes he deserves this money
               and still thinks all of you are overpaid!




EVSP 2010

EVSP 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Job Openings in San Antonio

Is there any web offset pressmen in LA that may want to work in San Antonio? Glen Couch from LA is working at the San Antonio, Express-News as a supervisor.
There is work for subs here in San Antonio. We need people to work ASAP. If anyone is interested please contact me. 
Ben Ramirez

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Civil Court and Arbitration Updates

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I apologize for the delay in producing these updates, I have had quite a busy schedule lately preparing for these arbitrations and upcoming arbitrations; my month has included Doctor and Attorney appointments, therapy, acupuncture and a funeral to end my week.

Please make sure that everyone in the shop is made aware of these updates and go the extra mile by printing several copies to distribute.


Monday, November 01, 2010

Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained.


Time seems to be on the side of the freeriders that have sought to avoid their obligation to pay monthly dues. The Commissioner that postponed our cases until today was not present in court and a "Judge Pro-Tem" sat on the bench in his place. 

The Court is obviously apprehensive about making a decision while Lee Carey's Request for Review is pending with the NLRB in Washington. I attempted to explain to the Judge that the matter in D.C. is not an appeal but rather a request to have the Regional Boards decision to instantly dismiss Lee's petition for a de-authorization election reviewed by the Board in Washington.

We have already won a decision on the local level denying Lee his attempted election to have the Union Security language removed from our CBA. The Union challenged his petition based on the grounds that the collection of signatures was done in violation of the NLRB rules. 

I notified the clerk that I would prefer to postpone our cases to have the Commissioner Harrison hear our argument, yet the cases went before this judge pro-tem none the less. The Judge decided to again postpone the cases until March, 2011 thinking that the NLRB in Washington may reach a decision on Lees' request for review by then. I informed the Judge that  Commissioner Harrison did the same two months ago thinking the same and that we may not have a decision from Washington for another year for all we know. It made no difference to the court and his position remained the same, wait for Washington.

It doesn't amaze me that these individuals accepted the signing bonus and lump sum payments yet they won't support their Union financially. Instead they do the bidding of the Senior Vice President of Operations who seeks nothing more than to destroy this Union and the loyal members who support it. He values his pawns and is proud that they are blindly serving him in his efforts. They should be embarrassed and ashamed to allow  management to use them as such; especially at the expense of fellow and former pressmen and presswomen.

The Local has spent close to $50,000.00 of YOUR DUES fighting the Company and Lee Carey over this matter and the dozen or so grievances that are pending arbitration. This court battle over dues is just another example of how management divides and conquers. They are very aware that without financial resources to defend the contract, they can literally do what they want and we won't be able to afford legal help to fight back. 

I have no doubt we will prevail once Washington upholds Regional Director, James Small's Dismissal and the Union Security language is enforced by the Civil Court.

In Solidarity,
President, Ronnie Pineda

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Randy Michaels RESIGNS: Tribune CEO Steps Down Following Reports Of Raunchy Behavior

10/22/10 08:35 PM

Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels resigned Friday, pressured by tales of raunchy behavior that likened him to the ringleader of a college fraternity house. Michaels' decision to leave comes at a pivotal time for the troubled media company. After nearly two years operating under bankruptcy protection, Tribune Co. is drawing up a reorganization plan that it hopes to get approved by a federal judge before the end of the year.

The new plan, scheduled to be filed late Friday, was expected to increase the amount of money that Tribune Co.'s bondholders would get compared with a previous proposal. Tribune is hoping that would be enough to win approval of the much-debated reorganization plan.

A four-man executive committee will fill the void created by Michaels' departure. The new bosses are Don Liebentritt, Tribune Co.'s chief restructuring officer; Nils Larsen, chief investment officer; Tony Hunter, publisher of the Chicago Tribune; and Eddy Hartenstein, publisher of the Los Angeles Times. The Tribune and the Times are the largest newspapers owned by the company, whose holdings also include more than 20 television and radio stations.

Michaels, 58, joined the Tribune Co. three years ago following an ill-fated $8.2 billion buyout engineered by real estate mogul Sam Zell. Michaels became Tribune Co.'s CEO late last year. Michaels, a former radio disc jockey, won Zell's trust as CEO of a radio broadcast company that Zell owned, Jacor Communications.
It seemed likely Michaels' reign was nearing an end anyway. Lenders in line to become the company's new owners will probably want to install their own management team once a bankruptcy reorganization plan gains approval.

Meanwhile, at a hearing in Wilmington, Del., the judge overseeing Tribune Co.'s Chapter 11 case gave the official committee of junior creditors permission to file lawsuits against some parties involved in the 2007 buyout. He gave them until Nov. 1 to file the complaints.

An independent investigator concluded this summer that some aspects of the deal had bordered on fraud. The lawsuits could allege that Tribune Co. wouldn't have had to file for bankruptcy protection if not for fraudulent conduct by Tribune's board, including Zell, and some of its financial advisers and lenders. Tribune Co. spokesman Gary Weitman declined comment on the possibility of lawsuits.

Under Tribune Co.'s latest reorganization proposal, the lawsuits would be pursued by a so-called litigation trust with a $20 million loan from the company for covering legal expenses.

In exchange for relinquishing more money to Tribune Co.'s bondholders, senior lenders would be shielded from any legal claims tied to early stages of the Zell-led buyout, based on a tentative agreement reached earlier this month. The reorganization plan could still be derailed by other Tribune Co. creditors. The proposal has the support of major creditors – JPMorgan Chase & Co., distressed debt specialist Angelo, Gordon & Co. and hedge fund Oaktree Capital Management – as well as the committee of junior lenders. Tribune has not said where some of the company's other lenders stand.

Once Tribune Co.'s bankruptcy plan is approved, the company is expected to be controlled by creditors who are getting ownership stakes in exchange for forgiving most of the debt incurred in Zell's buyout, which took Tribune Co. private. The debt holders in line to become Tribune Co.'s owners include JPMorgan Chase, Oaktree and Angelo, Gordon.

Michaels' exit apparently was accelerated by an unflattering portrait drawn of his management style in a front-page story published by The New York Times two weeks ago. The story, based on interviews with more than 20 current and former Tribune Co. employees, asserted that Michaels helped cultivate a culture filled with sexual innuendo, profanity, poker parties and other bawdy behavior.

Tribune's Chicago headquarters, one of the country's most famous skyscrapers, "came to resemble a frat house," the Times reported.nTribune Co.'s board of directors issued statements supporting Michaels in that article, but he quickly found himself under fire again last week when a top lieutenant sent an internal memo with an Internet link featuring a racy video that included a bare-breasted woman pouring booze down her chest. The executive, Lee Abrams, resigned as Tribune Co.'s chief innovation officer.

"During the last few weeks the company has drawn a lot of media attention, much of it negative," the board wrote in an e-mail sent Friday to Tribune Co. employees. "That coverage has diverted attention from the things that matter most: The quality of our media products, the talent and dedication of our people, and the very real progress that we've made over the last two-and-a-half years."

Michaels was Tribune Co.'s executive vice president in charge of its broadcasting and interactive divisions before his promotion to CEO. When he was hired, Michaels also brought in many of his former colleagues from his days in radio. By the time he was named Tribune Co.'s CEO, Michaels already had gained a reputation for using language and engaging in conduct more befitting of the "shock jock" that he once was. Michaels and Zell said they were trying to loosen up a traditionally staid company and usher in fresh thinking at a time of upheaval in the media business. Zell remains Tribune Co.'s chairman.

While Michaels was CEO, Tribune Co.'s financial performance improved, helped by cost cutting that has become common at newspaper publishers throughout the country as they try to offset a steep downturn in advertising sales that has depleted their main source of revenue.

Tribune Co. already has projected its newspapers' revenue will continue to drop for at least two more years while its broadcasting division rebounds. The company's other major newspapers include The (Baltimore) Sun, Hartford (Conn.) Courant and the Orlando Sentinel.
AP Business Writer Andrew Vanacore in Wilmington, Del., contributed to this report.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pressroom Personnel Picketed Gannett CEO Meeting with 'Republic' Employees

By: E&P Staff

Published: September 10, 2010

A few dozen of The Arizona Republic's pressroom staffers picketed outside the Phoenix Convention Center Sept. 9 as Gannett CEO Craig Dubow met inside with Republic and KPNX-TV employees.

The members of Local 58-M of the Graphic Communications Conference/International Brotherhood of Teamsters, carried signs opposing the Republic's proposed pay cuts of 10-12% and the loss of a week's vacation, according to the independent Gannett Blog

Leaflets distributed by the pressroom workers stated that while they are willing to make concessions on pay and benefits, Gannett wants them to accept bigger cuts than those taken by all other Republic employees. (To view leaflet, click here)

The protesters' leaflets also accused the Republic's parent company of "trying to do away with minimum staffing levels" on pressroom equipment. The leaflets said those levels are required for safe operation of the machinery, and the operators seek a commitment to those levels by Gannett.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Court Report

August 30, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today in Civil Court, the Judge decided to continue all of our cases until November 1, 2010. The Judge indicated that he has heard Union cases regarding Union dues and needs more time and information. The Court was made aware of the pending appeal with the NLRB in Washington by Lee Carey and his FREE Legal friends at the National Right to Work regarding the Union Security language and that a decision has yet to be made. There is no indication when the Board in Washington will rule on Lee’s appeal but we will expect the Judge in these cases to make a decision upon returning to Court in November.

The Judge informed the defendants that they can pay now and should the NLRB in Washington over rule the NLRB Regional Director’s instant dismissal, the Local would then return any dues collected by them. Rarely does the Board in Washington overturn Regional decisions.

The bargaining unit employees refusing to pay dues have no problem accepting the monies given to them in accordance with the CBA yet they maintain they don’t want to support the Local financially. This agreement protects their wages as well as other areas of employment that would no doubt have been drastically reduced along with everyone else’s in the Country had the contract not been ratified. The Company also took from them what was taken from everyone else so why do they believe they can accept the benefits of the contract and shun the rest?

The Union Security Language is very clear stating that dues are to be paid to the Local as a condition of employment. The Freeriders contend that the language is flawed, but the fact is the Union and the Company agreed to the language that was ultimately ratified by a majority vote.

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement is a Binding Contract and we will argue that the Court require the defendants to abide by it. We brought to the Courts attention that the Members that are paying their Monthly Dues should not have to subsidize those that refuse to pay.

Without the necessary resources, the Local cannot afford to defend the contract against violations by the Company and that is why the Company will benefit in the long run when we refuse to support our Union.

The Local continues to be willing to make arrangements with bargaining unit employees that are in arrears. Please contact Local Secretary Treasurer, Linard Williams to make payment arrangements.

In Solidarity,
Ronnie Pineda,
GCC/IBT Local 140-N

Friday, August 27, 2010

Phillip Mulligan Serves Teamster Homeowners

Welcome to: Teamsters Back On Track

Recently many Union Members have expressed an interest in discussing the various options available to deal with the financial difficulties of home mortgages during these unprecedented times.

This Project is dedicated to help relieve some the grinding financial stress of home mortgages that is literally destroying homes and families throughout the USA. Fellow Teamster Phil Mulligan is a representative of America Back On Track Inc. He has arranged a special outreach of his company's distressed homeowner services to Teamsters who are struggling with their mortgage payments, or who are facing foreclosure, or are in foreclosure.

You don't have to be told how financially tough these times have been, and continue to be. There are Teamster Brothers and Sisters who have been under-employed, irregularly employed, or just flat unemployed !

America Back On Track Inc. is a company that is focused on helping homeowners deal with the financial problems caused by the loss of a steady paycheck, or a change in their mortgage terms. They have the resources to help even the most difficult situations facing homeowners, Including....


Insane government money policies have made it increasingly difficult for homeowners to keep up their mortgage payments. Foreclosures by the big money lenders are up 43% over last year. Tens of thousands of people have already lost their homes. Now they’re coming after yours. If you really want to get a good idea of how crazy and unfair Banking practices are.... Please watch the video at the following link :

We don't know exactly how those of you who are struggling with mortgage payments, or are facing possible foreclosure got to this point. One thing is certain. You didn't get there all by yourself. Reduced wages, and high taxes have eaten away a good portion of your income. Inflation has eaten up even more. They've been taking advantage of you, and what you're left with right now just isn't enough to make ends meet.

The banks have had their bail-outs and other forms of taxpayer subsidies because they are "Too Big To Fail"..... You Are Not ! You need to get out of this mess. Timing is critical. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. Your bank or mortgage company is interested in only one thing.... the money you owe them.

But you don't have to take this lying down ! There is a way to fight back ! 80% of all loans from 2000-2007 have significant violations of Federal Law. One of the few ways to level the playing field is through the America Back On Track, Inc. foreclosure relief system, which includes among other strategies, challenging these violations.

All banks have a battery of high priced lawyers on the payroll, ready to take your home through foreclosure. The government has made it financially attractive to do so. Do you really think banks are going to cut your loan principal and modify your loan without a compelling reason? (You don't have to respond to that - we already know the answer).

Your only real hope is to use a method that exposes your banks violations of law and put their feet to the fire. Any other way is simply NOT GOING TO WORK, and now you know why. Banks simply make more money by foreclosing on you. Doesn't it make sense to check your loan for Federal or State Violations?

Phil, or one of his team will individually consult with any Teamster who is interested in discussing ways to reduce or possibly even eliminate their mortgage payments. How to avoid foreclosure, even if you are seriously behind in your payments. How to stay in your home and not be forced into a short sale or foreclosure sale.

Every situation is unique. Some of you might have heard about, or even tried (and failed)

1 A short sale ( a lot of work, pays 3% commission, bank controlled)
2 A loan modification (these are bank controlled payment arrangements)
3 Forbearance (another bank controlled payment arrangement)
4 Strategic foreclosure (keys for cash, give the house back or quit)
5 BANKRUPTCY (long term negative for a short term positive)


We stop the sale !

No bankruptcy !

No lender approval involved !

We take them out of the picture !

We tie their hands and get them out of you life !

The end game is to force the banks negotiate. Our goal is to negotiate, to get the house at current market value.


Many plans require lender participation, have temporary benefits to homeowners, and or, provide a single line of defense against the banks. Banks are well funded and resourceful, and much attention to detail is needed when searching for a good defense against these people.

America Back On Track, Inc. uses multiple defensive strategies. This plan is an administrative process that uses contractual law to simplify foreclosure defense. As such, it requires:

NO bankruptcy

NO modification

NO sale

NO lawyers

NO job needed

NO credit requirements

NO problem owing more than house is worth


WE USE A TRUST. Trusts are used by banks and the wealthy. Some trusts are hundreds of years old. These are powerful tools allowing for jurisdiction changes and challenges from beneficiaries. Remember Leona Helmsley... her dogs inherited her estate as beneficiaries !

WE REQUEST A PROMISSORY NOTE (The document the homeowner signs). Most lenders or servicers cannot even produce one !

WE VERIFY THE TRUSTEE. We make sure the trustee is licensed in this state.

If not we get him fired !


Are they licensed to do business in this state?

Are they in the loan business ?


Each violation is challenged and the lender is required to respond. Using contractual law each request has to be responded to in writing in a specific time frame.

This is how you beat bankers. Flood them with a legitimate law abiding process. These are just a few of more than forty strategies we can use in our process. IT WORKS ! This is the one . All the other plans have lost homes


Qualifying factors for Union Members :
First month payment is $ 3,500, or your regular payment, whichever is greater

Your subsequent payments are 1/2 of your regular payment, recurring month to month for 8 to 24 months.... a minimum of $ 1,500/month



Disclaimer: Posted as a courtesy to Brother Phillip Mulligan. Saveourtrade is not responsible for claims made in this advertisement and recommends consulting your Financial Advisor for aditional information.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Civil Cases Filed Against Freeriders

The Officers of GCC/IBT Local 140-N filed civil lawsuits on behalf of its members against the bargaining unit employees that have refused to abide by the contract between the Union and the Company. The contract states that as a condition of employment, bargaining unit employees pay monthly dues to the Local. Regardless of whether a bargaining unit employee chooses to join the union or not, they are still required to pay dues under the contract.

The option of becoming a "Beck Objector" allows bargaining unit employees to pay a lesser amount and waives membership in the Union. Beck Objectors cannot attend meetings, vote on Local business or in elections, nominate candidates or run for Local Office. Beck Objectors must be current in dues payments and in good standing in order to become an "Agency Fee Payer" The Freeriders that have never paid dues to the Local are not recognized by our Local as Beck Objectors and owe the full amount of $60.00 per mo. for each month owed.

As a result of our filing, Lee Carey and his FREE legal team have filed a motion with the NLRB to reverse its dismissal of Lee's attempted de-authorization election. The National Right to Work Foundation is funded by donations from  Major Corporations and Anti-Union businesses, quite possibly even Tribune, representing employees that cannot afford legal representation. Lee's refusal to pay dues under the contract has cost the dues paying members over $30,000.00 plus! That is your dues money that could be used to benefit all of the membership in numerous ways; instead of spent foolishly fighting eachother only benefiting our Attorneys!

A de-authorization of the union security language would no doubt cripple the Local financially making it impossible to defend the contract when the company chooses to violate the agreements contained within it.

In Solidarity,
Ron Pineda,
GCC/IBT Local 140-N


The Beachwood Reporter

 By Steve Rhodes

A news organization's business side is (theoretically) separate from its editorial side, but when the business side doesn't conform to the editorial side's values - which in large part establish a media company's brand - the organization loses its moral authority.

For example, it's hard to take the Tribune's carping - as agreeable as I am to the rationale - about Pat Quinn giving raises to his staff during a time of great financial distress (see "Clueless in Illinois") when the Tribune Company wants to hand out exorbitant bonuses as well as golden parachutes to its top executives even as it languishes in bankruptcy court.

Yes, there is a difference between public money and private. But greed, self-dealing and financial mismanagement stinks no matter who is perpetrating it, and a news organization opens itself up to charges of hypocrisy as well as simply damaging its own credibility.

When a U.S. bankruptcy trustee says the Tribune Company doesn't understand "shared sacrifice," it sounds like a phrase ripped from a Tribune editorial pointing a finger at everyone but themselves. Breathless reporting, however justified, about shenanigans in corporate suites rings hollow when reporters seem oblivious to what is going on in their own.
click here to continue

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Local 406 Ratification

Sunday all 6 bargaining units ratified a 3 year agreement with Newsday. Facing the choice of ratification or working under impasse and all that goes along with that, had much to do with the vote going foward. Also the state of the industry and lack of other employment opportunities contributed to accepting this agreement. Ratification votes were taken twice and this was the third attempt. The crux of the issues hinged on givebacks of 10% for transportation and 5% for the remaining bargaining units, with a wage freeze for 3 years. The company was also seeking elimination of the 5th week vacation and a forty hour work week. There was also an attempt to outsource the transportation dept and change the seniority system for layoffs in editorial. Special thanks to George Tedeschi and Teamster economist Jim Kimball for helping get this done.We negotiated a 52 week severance for employees that leave over the three year term. We also will also receive a DCRP of 1% gross pay beginning in 2013. We were able to retain all the important language and working conditions in the contracts.

We can only hope advertising can return and make the newspaper profitable. It seems there is some resentment for parent company Cablevision for expecting us to pay for a newspaper they dearly overpaid for. Meet the new boss......... same as the old boss.

Lou Nicosia Local 406

Friday, June 25, 2010

Los Angeles Times Pressmens 20 Year Club: Pressman Blogger re-instated at the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Pressmens 20 Year Club: Pressman Blogger re-instated at the Los Angeles Times#links

Congatulations Ed, I was not surprised to see the level of support you received during this situation; from all of your brothers and sisters of GCC/IBT Local 140-N, to all of the wonderful personalities from the blogoshere. Our Attorney's in Washington reviewed the details in the blog post and were not convinced that Ed did anything wrong to warrant a suspension or any dicipline for that matter.

This was not a case of tarnishing the company's image: hell, Sam Zell has done enough on his own to do that........not to mention his side kick from outer space! The facts are what they are and as long as no dispairaging remarks are made toward the company or the product, there should be no danger of having one's loyalty questioned.

I am convinced that 30+ years of service proves loyalty beyond reproach, which Ed, as well as many, many others have exhibited through their perfomance, dedication, determination and above all, loyalty more times than this current management team can imagine.

This outcome, my Brothers and Sisters is a great example of solidarity, and what it can accomplish; I am proud of everyone that stood together on our Local Recording Secretary's behalf.

Brother Berry Tillage asked me to extend his deepest appreciation to all that expressed their displeasure with Ed's suspension, and for the support they offered Ed during his time away from his second home, the Pressroom.

In Solidarity,
Ronnie Pineda,
GCC/IBT Local 140-N

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

L.A. Times Management Violate Employee's First Ammendment Rights

Ed Padgett, AKA "The Blogging Pressman" was suspended today by management, pending an investigation, for content he posted on regarding the production problems experienced on Thursday, June 18, 2010.  An announcement  by the L.A. Times Publisher, Eddy Hartenstein vaguely described the situation;  Ed's post included details and opinions that Ed has every right to post under the same First Ammendment that protects the company's right to publish a newspaper.

 (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.)— The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Apparently Ed's comments were not well received by management and their feelings got hurt. Thats a shame because management should be more receptive to the constructive critcism that would prevent them from making foolish decisions such as suspending Brother Ed. Ed DID NOT disclose any company or trade secrets that would be detremental to the business, or operation, he merely voiced his opinion based on his more than 30 years experience working for the Los Angeles Times.

No one in management comes close to Ed's years of experience or dedicated service to this newspaper. As a matter of fact, none of his accusers could hold a candle to his ability to operate the behomoth presses that produce the L.A. Times! It has always been an area of contention when managers tell Qualified Journeypresspersons how to do their job, when they are incapable of perfoming our Craft. 

Ed, as many of you are aware of, is our Local Recording Secretary;  management has targeted our Executive Board Members on previous occassions for demotions and dicipline as a form of punishment for exercising our rights under the law to form a union. I intend on filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge tomorrow morning for that very reason.

This is a fight that we as a Union, will not back down from! I have said to the previous management team that if they don't like what is on their radio, change the station, if they don't like whats on their television, change the channel and if they don't like what they read on the internet, DON'T COME TO OUR SITES! They were not created for their benefit to begin with! Yeah I'm talking to you in Chicago,(whoever you are), and locally, Newton, Walker and Malcolm!

The Union will seek a reversal of Ed's suspension as well as retribution for Ed's lost wages. I have spoken to President Tedeschi and he agrees that this is a form of unjust dicipline and we have the support of the International and it's Legal team. I also suspect Ed's Blogging Community will allign their forces in defense of Brother Ed's rights to blog on the internet and voice his opinions that are legally protected.

Since you, management cannot resist, and will never cease reading our blogs, here is a message directly to you.

First, recognized Ed Padgett's rights under the law to post whatever he has a right to publish and reverse his suspension. Second, compensate Ed for his lost wages and this matter will be considered resolved. Should you decide to ignore these recommendations, we are prepared to defend Ed's rights to the bitter end and address this matter publicly, as well as in the legal arena, the choice is yours.

In Solidarity,
Ronnie Pineda,
GCC/IBT Local 140-N

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Lie! Timeclock Coming Soon!

I was informed by management that a Kronos Timekeeper will be installed in the pressroom sometime mid August.
During negotiations, Russ said that this would not happen and that any employee cards would be used for security purposes only. Our negotiation notes will verify his statements regarding time clocks. 

More lies Russ! Cash that Bonus check that you say you don't get Russ? Pay severance instead of looking for more ways like this to piss off your employees. Punch in, Punch out, tell the truth, tell a lie;  time has a way of exposing the truth and time will tell.

Time to stand together Brothers and Sisters. You know what we've been through and you now see whats lies ahead; MORE LIES!  Will this finally be enough to convince Union doubters that the truth is only a concept and management does not feel obligated to abide by it. We have been lied to more by the current SVP than all former SVP's put together. Don't worry he won't be offended, are you? He's proud of the fact that he lies and there are still those that trust him. You know who you are and he not only lies to you too, he also laughs at you for trusting him.

I have no doubt another grievance will be filed in August.

Don't get mad about this notice unless you intend on staying mad, and then doing something about it! Solidarity will stop this pathological liar. He lies because he feels you don't deserve the truth and he has no respect for anyone he considers beneath him, hows that for the truth?

Republican Leader Boehner wants US Taxpayers to Clean Up BP's Boner!

ALERT: U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Republican Leader John Boehner want taxpayers to help pick up BP's tab for environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Tell John Boehner: No BP Bailout!

Friend --
How is this for outrageous? Republican Leader John Boehner actually suggested that American taxpayers should be hit with the bill to help clean up Big Oil giant BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And it gets worse...

In making this outrageous suggestion, Boehner was agreeing with one of the Republicans' biggest shadow groups - a group that has pledged to spend more than $50 million this cycle attacking Democrats and trying to elect other Big Oil protecting Republicans to Congress. But it gets even worse than that...

Boehner's suggestion of a taxpayer-funded bailout for Big Oil giant BP came after he and other Republicans accepted more than $188 million combined in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry. This calls for an immediate response from Grassroots Democrats.

Visit our newly-launched website, to sign our petition denouncing John Boehner's Taxpayer Funded Bailout for Big Oil giant BP - then help spread the word on Facebook  and Twitter 

Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director

P.S. One you sign the petition, share it with your friends on Facebook ( ) and Twitter ( )!

Sign the Petition:

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Newspaper ads returning !

According to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), newspaper print
and online advertising continued to drop in the first quarter of 2010.
However, the drop (9.7%) was the mildest since the first quarter of

NAA President and CEO John F. Sturm said the data shows the ad
environment for newspapers is turning for the better. He said:

"While broad, macroeconomic factors indicate we are not out of the
woods yet, NAA is encouraged by
the improvements we are seeing in newspaper ad spending.
...declines are moderating across the board
and, in some instances, have turned positive. Total newspaper
online ad spending increased nearly
five percent in the first quarter, a sign that marketers are
returning to newspapers...

"(The NAA continues to) to hear the that an advertising rebound is
getting closer. These sentiments,
combined with the changes newspaper companies have made to their
business models to develop new,
multiplatform strategies, reinforce the industry's strategic
positioning within a new media landscape."

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rotton Apples!

Where trade unionists start their day on the net.

As many of you will be aware, the Apple iPad (pictured) had its world-wide launch this weekend.

What you may not know is that the factory which produces it, in China, has been the scene of a dozen worker suicides in recent months.

We've been asked by unions and NGOs in Hong Kong and Taiwan to launch a big international campaign to put pressure on the factory owners -- and on Apple -- to probe why this is happening, and to allow workers there to have real, independent unions that can bargain collectively.

Please take a moment to send off your message now.
And please -- spread the word!

Thanks very much.
Eric Lee


Sunday, May 30, 2010

National Right to Work

National Right to Work

Role of National Right to Work in the Anti-Union Network

National Right to Work is the country’s oldest organization dedicated solely to destroying unions. Its network consists of four organizations that share leadership, offices, resources and staff, all with the common goal of undermining workers’ freedom of association. To carry out this mission, the National Right to Work Committee employs over 200 staff to lobby, fundraise, distribute propaganda, and interfere with workers’ union organizing efforts, and the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation employs nearly 50 staff for its litigation efforts.

While the organization has doggedly pursued an anti-union agenda for a half century, its public profile has recently been eclipsed by the big-budget anti-union front group the Center for Union Facts .

Does National Right to Work have anything to do with right-to-work laws?

When anti-union ideologues lost an effort to enact a national law weakening unions, they created the National Right to Work Committee in 1955 to pass such laws at the state level. The group’s single-minded focus of doing away with unions was as unambiguous then, as it is today, however the name it shares with the very legislation it was created to pass, is purposely confusing. For more background on this deceptively-titled legislation, click here.

What is the True Agenda Behind National Right to Work?

Does National Right to Work advocate on behalf of workers?

The group claims to be a “worker advocate.”2 But the organization doesn’t concern itself with improving workers’ job conditions, benefits, or treatment. An examination of press releases issued by the National Right to Work Foundation between 2003 and 2005 reveals there was no discussion by the group of improving benefits for workers, better working conditions, or workplace dignity; and only one reference to increasing wages. There were, however, 267 negative references to unions.

"The terrorist could then use his influence with the union to make it easier for a terrorist colleague to board a plane or to get a bomb through baggage screening."

- National Right to Work's warning that an airport screeners’ union could be infiltrated by terrorists

If National Right to Work is really advocating for workers, why is does it refuse to disclose its donors?

Whose interests are they really fighting for? The funding trail that exists points to anti-union businesses:

•A lawsuit revealed that 84 percent of the National Right to Work Committee’s 1973 budget was funded by corporations, and other employers.
•Early known donors include:

◦Wofford Camp who served on a U.S. Chamber of Commerce committee and was a California grower who fought efforts by farm workers to organize unions.

◦Roger Milliken, former president of Milliken & Company, who shut down one of his southern textile plants as retaliation against his employees’ vote to form a union.

•The Foundation bragged that “over 350 Presidents and Chairmen of the Board listed in Dun & Bradstreet’s Directory of Million Dollar Corporations,” were associated with it.

•Anti-union companies indirectly fund National Right to Work through foundations. The network has received major grants from the Walton Family Foundation (funded with profits from Wal-Mart), Castle Rock Foundation (funded with profits from Coors beer), and Publix Super Markets Charities.

The group’s original leadership also suggests an anti-union agenda shaped by the interest of employers. For instance, the Committee’s first chairman of the board was Edwin Dillard, president of Old Dominion Box Company, who vehemently fought his workers’ efforts to organize his company’s plants in the South.9 Fred Hartley, the Committee’s first president, was the former Congressman who sponsored the Taft-Hartley Act amending the National Labor Relations Act to expand employers’ rights, not workers. (Continue)

For more information on this Foudation and others that interefere with workers rights in the workplace, visit American Rights at Work

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Authors on Saveourtrade.

As you can see already, there are two new authors that will have the ability to post information on Saveourtrade from their shops in their states across the country. I spoke with numerous delegates at the Newspaper Conference this week about sharing information on our site to provide all of our members a one stop website that will allow us to see what is going on in each GCC/IBT shop from coast to coast as they occur. There are several links to GCC/IBT shops on the right sidebar of this page as well to view their Local's respective websites.

I'd like to thank Boston's Local 3n President, Marty Callaghan and Local 406 Chief Steward, Lou Nicosia for being the first to accept our invitation. In the next few weeks I hope to have at least one Officer from each Local across the country posting current information from their respective Local or District Council. This will insure that we are all kept abreast of what is going on in our industry in REAL TIME. Readers will also have access to these authors/Officers and their e-mail information allowing readers a two way dialog between the reader and the author. Readers will continue to be allowed to comment on their posts which will lead to an ongoing dialog between all that wish to offer their comments and/or opinions.

The news on the Teamster sites are very valuable and informative and I suggest Savourtrade readers continue to use them, this site will go a step further and keep Local Officers in touch with eachother year round as opposed to when we meet once a year at Newspaper Conferences.

I encourage readers to engage these new authors as they have knowledge and experiences that will benefit all that visit our site. The news they deliver will expose our members in Los Angeles, and shops across the country, to the ongoings in their neighborhood shops without having to read about it in eachothers papers or websites. Most of us really have no idea what is going on outside the 4 walls of our own shops.

The gates are open and I expect to see many more authors here for your benefit.

Thanks again Marty and Lou and we hope to soon see your postings on saveourtrade soon, Welcome!

Ronnie Pineda
President, 140-N
Los Angeles



Thanks for the invtation to the Blog. I look forward to participating.

Marty Callaghan

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tribune Chapter 11 Plan Includes $15M In Executive Bonuses

Tribune Co. has unveiled plans for a third round of top executive bonuses, nearly $15 million, bringing to more than $72 million the amount of pay enhancements the media company handed out while operating under bankruptcy protection.

Publisher of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Baltimore Sun and operator of a chain of broadcast stations, Tribune wrapped the latest bonus programs into the Chapter 11 plan it will be sending out for creditor votes.

Creditors will be voting on the bonuses as they decide whether to support Tribune’s plan, which dishes out equity to cover part of its $12.7 billion debt load.

The new bonuses, which cover 42 top executives, include nine of Tribune’s 10 top-ranking corporate leaders, according to papers filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del.

They are in addition to $57.4 million worth of bonuses already approved by a bankruptcy judge over the protests of unions whose members lost jobs due to the company’s financial struggles. The earlier bonuses were paid out between May 2009 and February 2010.

Hundreds of managers were included in the court-approved bonus programs, along with top executives. Tribune has refused to identify top leaders who participated or say how much they received, other than to say Chairman Sam Zell didn’t participate.

The Chicago company also hasn’t revealed the identities of insiders who collected $268 million in pay, bonuses and severance pay the year before the company filed bankruptcy.

Tribune filed for Chapter 11 protection in December 2008 after a leveraged buyout piled $8 billion worth of debt on the media enterprise.

It hopes to be out of bankruptcy by September as the property largely of banks that financed the deal. If Tribune’s Chapter 11 plan is approved, the company will have shaken off billions in debt and silenced questions about the wisdom of the LBO transaction.

Yet to be revealed is the percentage of equity in the reorganized company that will be set aside for management under Tribune’s Chapter 11 plan. Like most companies departing bankruptcy, Tribune has said it plans to reward management with stakes in the reorganized media company.

How much equity executives will get, Tribune hasn’t said. The company’s financial advisers estimate the post-Chapter 11 company will have an equity value of $4.1 billion.

A spokesman and an attorney for Tribune didn’t respond Tuesday to requests for information about the equity incentive plan. The company has promised to supplement information on its Chapter 11 plan before a July 30 voting deadline on the plan.

(This report is from Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review, which covers news about distressed companies and those under bankruptcy protection.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Payroll Check Notice

F.Y.I. The Company sent this notice regarding todays payroll checks.




PAY DATE May 21, 2010


Date: May 20, 2010

To: All Hourly Pressroom Employees

We have experienced a problem processing this Friday’s (May 21, 2010) payroll checks. Unfortunately, all payroll checks for tomorrow will be live checks. Anyone who has signed up for direct deposit will be receiving a live check. We expect to have them available by 10AM tomorrow. If you will be coming in to the facility to pick-up your check, please contact your supervisor to confirm the arrival time of your check. If you would like to make other arrangements, for example have us mail your check to your home, please inform your supervisor.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Remembrance for Jose Gomez

The Family of Jose Gomez will be hosting a Remembrance at their home and wish to extend an invitation to Jose's L.A. Times family. We consider eachother family because of all the time we've spent together and the memories we've created and shared while working for the newspaper. We share the good times and the bad times, the happiness and the sorrow.

Adios Amigo!

Sunday, May 23, 2010 
2:00 PM

3247 Bronco Lane
Norco, CA 92860

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Half Mast For Fallen Two From O.C.

It is with great sadness to report the loss of two long time Orange County Pressroom employees.
Supervisor Jose Gomez has lost his admirably fought battle against cancer. Jose has my deep respect as a fighter for his unwillingness to allow his illness to take away from the things that were important to him, those obviously were his commitment to family and friends. Jose will be missed by many.

Brother Alan Miller was struck by a vehicle when it drifted onto the shoulder of the road and ran into his bike from behind while cycling in Corona. Alan was a man of very few words and his reclusive nature was understood and accepted by everyone in O.C. Alan sadly appeared void of emotion and deeply tormented due to traumatic events in his life; faith tells me that his pain and burdens have been lifted and he is now filled with peace. 

No details for services have been announced at this time but will be made available as soon as the families make arrangements for their loved ones. Our Sympathies and prayers go out to the Families and survivors of Jose and Brother Alan.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Terminations and Recalls

The Union was notified on April 13, 2010 that letters were mailed to employees notifying them of changes to their employment status. James Abel, Jimmy Coates, Richard Gonzales and Roger Dolan were informed that they were causing a hardship on the company due to their absence and that they needed to be replaced. (What about the hardships this company is going to cause these men and their families?)

The company informs them that when they are fit for duty , they will be placed in a company job search which is a farce simply because not a single person placed in this program ever get a job elsewhere and all are terminated when the month expires. This is how they avoid being sued for firing people while they are disabled! You do not get paid while in this smoke screen job search either.

Recently laid off employees Paula Henley, Jack Strickler, Leona Autor and Wayne Padleford received letters informing them of their recall to work. Keith Hutchins and Albaro Albanes received "conditional" recall letters in the event that any of the four recalled cannot comply with their recall notice at this time.

Obviously we are having our Attorney review the situation to insure that none of our members rights are being violated and that no laws are being broken by the company's actions.

Congratulations to those returning to work. I only wish you were returning to an environment that welcomed you back for your talent and not only because they are kicking others out the back door while you enter the front.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Newsletter Launch with April Issue

With the launch of this Newsletter, members will have another form of receiving information. Members currently visit this and Ed Padgett's site for information as well as view posted information in the bulletin boards and receive recorded telemessaging information from Executive Vice President Keith Denson.

The newsletter will be produced once a month. All other Local Union matters will be provided to the members as events occur through the regular methods described above. Questions and suggestions for the newsletter can be sent to

Newsletter April

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Re-Posted-Pffafinger Foundation

Dear Ed Padgett,

I’m writing you in the hopes that you can get some of the following information about Pfaffinger Foundation on the Pressmen’s website.

The Pfaffinger Foundation was established in part to help Times employees, former employees, and their families. While we were once well known by just about everyone at The Times, we are concerned that many current and former Times employees no longer think of Pfaffinger when they experience financial difficulties. In 2008, we assisted 236 Los Angeles Times employees, former employees and retirees. Our numbers are down in 2009, which is troubling to us.

Among the ways Pfaffinger is assisting employees and former employees:

1. Paying some or all of COBRA payments if the individual is unable to do so.

2. Making a limited number of rent or mortgage payments while the family restructures its finances.

3. Arranging for financial counseling at no cost.

4. Assisting with medical bills not covered by insurance (and sometimes we are able to negotiate a reduction with the provider as well). We can also assist with a variety of other bills (e.g. utilities).

The way to access Pfaffinger services is to call us at (213) 680-7460. We do not have a website because our first step with an inquiry is to determine eligibility, and we do this on a case-by-case basis in conversation with the applicant. We are also happy to mail out a brochure.

Every applicant works with a professional case manager and is guided through the application process. Client information is totally confidential. Of course, approval is not automatic and we are not a “benefit.” In fact, we are totally independent of The Times and Tribune.

I hope this information is of interest to you and I would like to discuss with you how it might be shared with your members.

Please feel free to e-mail me or call at (213) 680-7467.

Steve Meier

Stephen C. Meier
Chairman and CEO
Pfaffinger Foundation
316 W. 2nd St., Suite PH-C
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: (213) 680-7467
Fax: (213) 680-7474

Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Things Your Boss Should Never Say to You

Karen Burns, On Wednesday March 24, 2010, 11:24 am EDT

Last week, I listed seven things employees should never say to bosses. A look at the various comment threads shows that a few bosses out there could also benefit from a review of the basics of good workplace relations--not to mention a quickie refresher of what constitutes good leadership.

So, bosses, are you listening? Here are seven things you, as a boss, should never say to your employees:

1. "I pay your salary. You have to do what I say." Have you not heard? It's the 21st century. Threats and power plays just do not cut it anymore (and they were always a terrible way to manage). Yes, you pay people's salaries but that doesn't mean you're their lord and master. You are their leader, however. Leaders lead by inspiring, teaching, encouraging, and, yes, serving their employees. Good leaders never need to threaten. So keep your word, set a good example, praise in public, criticize in private, respect your employees' capabilities, give credit where credit is due, learn to delegate, and when you ask for feedback don't forget to respond to it. (Another sentence to be avoided: "Do what I say, not what I do.")

2. "I don't want to listen to your complaints." Hey, boss, you have this backwards. You do want to listen to employees' complaints. That's part of your job. You should be actively seeking feedback, even negative feedback. It may be annoying, even painful, but that's why you get the big bucks. Complaints point to where your processes and practices need improvement. And even if a problem absolutely can't be helped, allowing your employees to vent can go a long way toward restoring morale and building loyalty.

3. "I was here on Saturday afternoon. Where were you?" This kind of "subtle" pressure to work 24/7 is a good way to burn out your employees. You won't get that much more productivity out of them, and you will destroy morale. You may choose to work seven days a week. That's your call. But your employees shouldn't have to. If you observe that they are working way more than their job descriptions call for, consider that maybe it's because you're overloading them. Look for ways to fix this problem.

4. "Isn't your performance review coming up soon?" Maybe you're trying to motivate an employee to do a better job. Maybe this is just a ham-handed way to remind underlings of who has the power. Who knows. Either way, a statement like this is not only tacky and passive-aggressive, it's ineffective. If you really want to motivate people, consider giving them a stake in the success of your enterprise. Show employees you value them. Let them know what they have to gain by doing a good job. The results may surprise you.

5. "We've always done it this way." Want to crush your employees' initiative? This is a good way. News flash: Your employees may actually have a pretty good idea of how to do their jobs. Maybe they know even more than you. Your job as boss is to encourage them to have the energy and motivation to be innovative. In fact, employees who come up with better ways to do things should be celebrated and rewarded. (Hint: Cash is nice.)

6. "We need to cut costs" (at the same time you are, say, redecorating your office). Nothing breeds resentment more than asking employees to tighten their belts while you, to their eyes, are living it up. Even if the office redecoration can be totally justified in business terms, or the budget for it was a gift from your uncle, it still looks hypocritical and is demoralizing. Being sensitive to other people's feelings is good karma. Leading by example is the best way to lead.

7. "You should work better." Managers need to communication expectations clearly, to give employees the tools they need to do a good job, to set reasonable deadlines, and to offer help if needed. When giving instructions, ask if they understand your instructions. Don't assume. You may not be the stellar communicator you think you are. If your employees are making mistakes, or not performing up to par, consider that maybe it's because you're giving them vague instructions like "you should work better."

The bottom line is that in the workplace respect, a little tact, and a good attitude go both ways.

What do you think? Anything to add?

Karen Burns is the author of the illustrated career advice book The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use, recently released by Running Press. She blogs at

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