Friday, July 20, 2012

Smart Ride Agreement

The Company and the Union reached an agreement today regarding an Unfair Labor Practice charge that was filed against the Company by the Union. The Union Charged the Company with failing to collectively bargain the discontinuance of our bargaining unit's participation in the "Smart Ride" Commuter Program.

 Company Attorney, Amy Foran and I reached an agreement today regarding the Board Charge and the Union will withdraw the Unfair Labor Practice Charge based on the agreed terms stated as follows:

  1. Eligible GCC represented employees may participate in the “Smart Ride” program to the same extent eligible non-union employees participate in the program 2. The program may be changed or eliminated by the Company, provided that such changes or elimination apply to both GCC represented and non-union employees 3. To obtain point credits, eligible GCC represented employees may resubmit their Monthly Ride Share Report forms for May and June, 2012

 This is essentially what is referred to in "Union Speak" as a "Me Too" clause as described in number 2 of the agreed terms.

I hope this did not inconvenience anyone for too long and encourage everyone to take advantage of the  Smart Ride program in order to conserve natural resources, reduce smog, and most importantly, cut your costs commuting to and from the Shop.

In Solidarity,
President Pineda

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