Monday, March 19, 2007

The decision regarding the companys objections to our election victory were released today, and as we predicted, the N.L.R.B. has "overruled" all 4 of the remaining objections filed. The company "dropped" objection #4 prior to the hearing.

This is great news and we still have to see what the companys next move may be. They have until March 30 to file "exceptions" to the N.L.R.B. decision. This is similar to an "appeal" and we don't feel that this will be nothing more than this hearing was, a stall tactic.

This is exciting because it puts us one step closer to the "bargaining table"
If you haven't completed and sent your survey back, do so soon and make sure that your voice is heard.

We hope to post the complete report on soon for all of you to view.

That's all for now!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Operator Albaro Albanez has offered to re-design and build us a new website. This was a welcome offer which I immediately accepted. Albaro has experience in web design and I can't wait to see what he has already prepared for our site.

Albaro will have full access to manage and edit the site and I'm sure he would welcome your suggestions for the website. I did my best with the limited website building and hosting knowledge I learned along the way and appreciate that all of you use the site for news and information.

Albaro and I will concentrate on creating a site that will provide current and "up to date" information and resources that can be accessed from our site. As I stated to some in the shops, I was reluctant to put very much information on the site prior to the N.L.R.B. Hearings for the fact that management frequently visits our site.

The new site is still "under construction" and will be launched soon. The "BLOG" has, and is going to continue to get attention to provide more links and "labor related" blog links to zero in on the subject.

Thank's Albaro!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

We are hoping for the Regional Directors decision on Monday and if everything goes as it should, our election victory will be certified. As soon as the decision is made, I'm sure management will post that decision as well as their next move.

We will also put the decision here on saveourtrade.
Our Negotiation Team has been determined and they are:

In Los Angeles, 1st shift, Keith Denson, 2nd shift, Lance Farrar, and 3rd shift, David Rascon.

In Orange County, 1st shift, Chuck Reney, 2nd shift, Charles Laird, and 3rd shift, Ronnie Pineda.

Mike Bassett will serve as the alternate for L.A. and an alternate for O.C. is yet to be determined. There are several people who are interested and an alternate will be selected from those individuals soon.

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