Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Lie! Timeclock Coming Soon!

I was informed by management that a Kronos Timekeeper will be installed in the pressroom sometime mid August.
During negotiations, Russ said that this would not happen and that any employee cards would be used for security purposes only. Our negotiation notes will verify his statements regarding time clocks. 

More lies Russ! Cash that Bonus check that you say you don't get Russ? Pay severance instead of looking for more ways like this to piss off your employees. Punch in, Punch out, tell the truth, tell a lie;  time has a way of exposing the truth and time will tell.

Time to stand together Brothers and Sisters. You know what we've been through and you now see whats lies ahead; MORE LIES!  Will this finally be enough to convince Union doubters that the truth is only a concept and management does not feel obligated to abide by it. We have been lied to more by the current SVP than all former SVP's put together. Don't worry he won't be offended, are you? He's proud of the fact that he lies and there are still those that trust him. You know who you are and he not only lies to you too, he also laughs at you for trusting him.

I have no doubt another grievance will be filed in August.

Don't get mad about this notice unless you intend on staying mad, and then doing something about it! Solidarity will stop this pathological liar. He lies because he feels you don't deserve the truth and he has no respect for anyone he considers beneath him, hows that for the truth?

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