Monday, June 28, 2010

Local 406 Ratification

Sunday all 6 bargaining units ratified a 3 year agreement with Newsday. Facing the choice of ratification or working under impasse and all that goes along with that, had much to do with the vote going foward. Also the state of the industry and lack of other employment opportunities contributed to accepting this agreement. Ratification votes were taken twice and this was the third attempt. The crux of the issues hinged on givebacks of 10% for transportation and 5% for the remaining bargaining units, with a wage freeze for 3 years. The company was also seeking elimination of the 5th week vacation and a forty hour work week. There was also an attempt to outsource the transportation dept and change the seniority system for layoffs in editorial. Special thanks to George Tedeschi and Teamster economist Jim Kimball for helping get this done.We negotiated a 52 week severance for employees that leave over the three year term. We also will also receive a DCRP of 1% gross pay beginning in 2013. We were able to retain all the important language and working conditions in the contracts.

We can only hope advertising can return and make the newspaper profitable. It seems there is some resentment for parent company Cablevision for expecting us to pay for a newspaper they dearly overpaid for. Meet the new boss......... same as the old boss.

Lou Nicosia Local 406


Ronnie Pineda said...

Congatulations on the ratification, I'm sorry to hear that it was essentially approved because of the proverbial "gun to your head"

The alternative to ratification was an impasse which would have been what the company wanted so that they could implement changes without further collective bargaining.

That is what happened to our brothers and sisters in San Diego resulting in wage cuts of 12% when the employees offered 9%; which was apparently not enough and rejected by Platinum Equity; the new owners.

Newspaper bosses are becoming agressive vultures in nature by killing the business to feed off of.

I hope they all choke on their greed derived bounty!

richard said...

To Local 406 congratulations .Ronnie said it all ,I hope they choke!
Rick Montesano
San Diego

Rick Montesano said...

Congratulations Louie & local 406.Ronnie said it all.
Rick Montesano
San Diego

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