Friday, May 28, 2010

New Authors on Saveourtrade.

As you can see already, there are two new authors that will have the ability to post information on Saveourtrade from their shops in their states across the country. I spoke with numerous delegates at the Newspaper Conference this week about sharing information on our site to provide all of our members a one stop website that will allow us to see what is going on in each GCC/IBT shop from coast to coast as they occur. There are several links to GCC/IBT shops on the right sidebar of this page as well to view their Local's respective websites.

I'd like to thank Boston's Local 3n President, Marty Callaghan and Local 406 Chief Steward, Lou Nicosia for being the first to accept our invitation. In the next few weeks I hope to have at least one Officer from each Local across the country posting current information from their respective Local or District Council. This will insure that we are all kept abreast of what is going on in our industry in REAL TIME. Readers will also have access to these authors/Officers and their e-mail information allowing readers a two way dialog between the reader and the author. Readers will continue to be allowed to comment on their posts which will lead to an ongoing dialog between all that wish to offer their comments and/or opinions.

The news on the Teamster sites are very valuable and informative and I suggest Savourtrade readers continue to use them, this site will go a step further and keep Local Officers in touch with eachother year round as opposed to when we meet once a year at Newspaper Conferences.

I encourage readers to engage these new authors as they have knowledge and experiences that will benefit all that visit our site. The news they deliver will expose our members in Los Angeles, and shops across the country, to the ongoings in their neighborhood shops without having to read about it in eachothers papers or websites. Most of us really have no idea what is going on outside the 4 walls of our own shops.

The gates are open and I expect to see many more authors here for your benefit.

Thanks again Marty and Lou and we hope to soon see your postings on saveourtrade soon, Welcome!

Ronnie Pineda
President, 140-N
Los Angeles

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