Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
From the Pineda Family!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pressroom Posting

November 14, 2007
Negotiations Update # 2
Los Angeles Times negotiators met today in the second negotiation session with pressroom negotiators. Present on behalfofThe Times was ChiefNegotiator Timothy Fair, and committee members Russ Newton (Senior Vice President Operations), Jay Scott (Director of Hurnan Resources), and Sam Park (Human Resources Manager). Present on behalf ofthe union was Chief Negotiator Mike Huggins, Ronnie Pineda, Keith Denson, Lance Farrar, David Rascon, and Charles Laird.
In the first part of the session, the Company completed its responses to "Discussion Issues" that were presented by the union in the first session. The remainder of Wednesday's session
involved each party asking questions to help clarify initial proposals.
The union informed the Company that the union stewards will be Keith Denson, Lance Farrar, David Rascon, Mike Bassett, Charles Reney, Charles Laird, Ronnie Pinada and Philip McCluskey.
The next negotiation dates are scheduled for November 27th, December 5th and 6th at 10:00 a.m.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Message from Negotiation Committee Member Lance Farrar

My fellow pressman & women,

We have begun negotiations and although you don't know all the details of the proceedings, you are all right there sitting at the table with us, the negotiating team that you voted for.

You have given us our marching orders through the surveys you filled out, and as we seek to achieve our first contract, we go with you in mind and beside us even though you are not physically in the room.

You do have a part to play and you are negotiating everyday at work through your actions, so wear your hats, buttons, shirts and pins and let the company and management know that you stand by your team and that you want a fair and just contract that we all deserve.

Let us all go forward now, united as one, strong and un-wavering in our goal.

Your Fellow Pressman,
Lance Farrar

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Negotiations, Day 1

I apologize for the suspense, I needed to share some of the day with my family and I won tickets to the NHRA Finals in Pomona today, and enjoyed a day to relax and do nothing!

O.K. As I've said before, Management visit's this site on a daily basis, with that in mind, I will reserve any information that will affect our negotiations or the process.

I can say that our committee is committed to this process in order to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that will benefit our membership as well as the company.

An exchange of initial proposals was performed and our committee, our Teamster Representatives and as well as our Attorney are in the process of reviewing their proposals as they are obviously doing with ours. It is my understanding that management posted a notice and it stated that several items were agreed to, that is correct. Those were areas that basically are standard language in most collective bargaining agreements.

Certain discussion issues were raised at the table regarding our L.A. shop and recent decisions and changes that have resulted in unfavorable treatment of our brothers and sisters. Our disapproval of these actions were voiced and our Representative did asked that they get Walker off your A**es. It is obvious why he is doing what he is doing. I hope this company does not condone his treatment of our brothers and sisters any longer.

Obviously this will take, so some time so be patient, be cautious and always be conscience of your surroundings. It's open season in L.A. and there are a couple of individuals who don't hesitate to do the bidding of management and will betray a fellow pressroom employee in a heartbeat. It's no secret who they are and why they do it. What ever happen to the golden rule?

We've just begun, but as we move forward, we will find a middle ground between their proposals and ours.

We will be able to disclose a bit more information at the upcoming meetings, so do your best to attend either one, hope to see all of you then.


Negotiations To Begin Today for L.A. Times Pressroom Employees

Today we will begin negotiations with Tribune/L.A. Times. Negotiations between the Los Angeles Times and their pressroom employees have not taken place for over 40 years. This is long over due and very vital to our survival at a time of uncertainty involving the sale to Sam Zell, The FCC and Cross ownership waivers, Retirement Plan/Benefit Changes and the overall economy.

Our Negotiation Committee will stand united to deliver a contract that will restore respect, dignity, and most importantly, provide us with a fair and safe work environment to perform our craft. We will keep you informed as the negotiations progress.

Don't forget to attend either of the two upcoming meetings in Monrovia on Sunday Nov.4th or Monday, Nov. 5th in Fountain Valley.

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