Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Survey Update

The survey is going great! We have had over 100 responses in just 2 days, some of which are from our collegues in editorial. I have reviewed some of the responses and it is obvious that some of the supervisors are are evaluating themselves. I could have invited responses via e-mail, by "password only" to prevent this from happening but I wanted to allow anonymity and give everyone the opportunity to answer the questions relating to Sam and Management. I hope all of the supervisors and management who did answers questions relating to their own performance consider allowing us to evaluate ourselves next time and I guarantee they will see as many "H"s as they are giving themselves.

In spite of this obvious intrusion, the survey is providing great perspective from you, the employees in the form of your write in answers. I will post all of the responses at the close of the survey on July 15th. I will also post some of the responses that warrant instant publishing rather than waiting for the close of the survey.

Thanks to all of you who already took the time to respond, here are some of your responses to the final question "If I really owned this place"

Get more reporters into the Greater L.A. communities we're supposed to cover and make the paper relevant to our readers ... insist on TIMELY reporting so we're the ones who break the news, not chase it; this is especially important for our stories online ... give plant employees a lounder voice to educate management and an ombusdman to see their ideas to fruition

Do all I could to restore the journalistic excellence, increase the community pride and stewardship in the paper, and continue to innovate to meet the growing needs of the diverse Southern California community.

Limit the amount an executive recieves to one years salary when leaving the company. Bring back paperboys hawking newspapers during rush hour, and even add an afternoon edition, as a method of increasing circulation.

Sell some fucking ads instead of fidgeting with editorail content

Invest in quality products and people that provide content that our readers really want.

Treat everybody fair and with respect..

Sell it to David Geffen.

If you haven't taken the survey yet, what are you waiting for? Do it now by clicking here.

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