Monday, July 28, 2008

Close, but no cigar!

After hearing so much about the unclaimed lotto ticket that expired today I decided to check a ticket my wife and I bought on the anniversary of our certification, June 11th. As I looked at the ticket, I first checked to see if the mega number was there, and it was,15. The next number I checked for was number 14, it too was there! I continued to read and the third and fourth numbers were also there, 30 and 39. Am I seeing right? The next number 42 had to be there, and it was! The final number we needed.............. 31, .........too bad, we have 41. Close but no cigar. $11,000,000.00 was one number away, ten to be exact. No one hit all the numbers in this drawing and it rolled over. I consider this a great omen because of the day the ticket was purchased and hope that luck comes to all that read this.

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C.RENEY said...

I dont get it .You had the mega + 4 ?

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