Thursday, July 03, 2008

How Can Partners fire Partners?

In light of the news that another 250 Los Angeles Times employees, (Aka Sam Zell Partners) will be leaving, as announced by Publisher David Hiller and Editor Russ Stanton, I decided to post the responses we have generated thusfar from Survey question #3. .

Do you think it is right for Sam Zell to lay off partner/employees when he borrowed against their retirement by creating an ESOP to purchase Tribune?

% of Respondents Number of Respondents

Yes, he has to pay his bills. 7.58% 5

NO, He said "You own this place now" 86.36% 57


He's Sam Zell. he's going to do whatever he wants, as long as it makes him richer.
1.52% 1
How about upper management take a cut in pay, to save money.
1.52% 1
no how can he borrow my money without my permision ?
1.52% 1
Should have never been allowed to leverage so much debt to buy Tribune.
1.52% 1

Number of respondents

Number or respondents who skipped this question

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