Friday, April 27, 2007

Pressroom Buy-Outs

I have asked David Rascon in Los Angeles and Charlie Laird in O.C. for the names of anyone who is interested in consideration for this current buy-out. I have spoke to Marty Keegan about this matter and according to David Hiller's letter, hourly employees in the pressroom would have to "Collectively Bargain" any buy-outs. Marty is going to notify The International and our Attorneys to see if the company could exclude our members to avoid "bargaining" pressroom buy-outs.

The purpose of Union Representation was not to block anyone from leaving, it is intended to protect those who choose to stay. Should the company be willing to bargain buy-out's at this time, (which is possible) it will certainly be an advantage to the interested pressroom employee to have representation in an effort to better the buy-out offer.

I believe that the majority of pressroom employees are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that Tribune is unable to look in our direction this time.

If you are interested in this buy-out, you can notify me here on and I will compile a list of interested pressroom employees to provide to our representatives.

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