Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Alot to cover, so let's get started. First, the thing that is on everyones mind is, how is the sale to Sam Zell going to affect our contract negotiations. We won the right to "collectively bargain" with our employer, whoever that may be, and we will. The pending sale is why the company challenged our election results to begin with, to explore offers for the company in part or as a whole, and obviously are in no hurry to meet us at the table. By filing "objections" with The N.L.R.B. in Washington the company is employing yet another stall tactic which will not prevent our election certification. I'm confident that Washington will agree with The Regional N.L.R.B. and rule in our favor.

This sale is not a done deal either. It faces approval from both The SEC and the FCC, due to cross ownership issues that are still under review. Also, until the sale is closed, counter offers for the company can still be made, so let's hope that some of the Los Angeles Billionares are willing to bump their offer and bring ownership back to L.A. I'm sure Burkle and Broad would be willing to sell The Chicago Tribune back to someone in Chicago. Would a Chicago owner be willing to sell The Times to a local owner? I hope that possibility comes to pass if a Chicago buyer prevails.

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