Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hope you all like the new site. Thank's Albaro! Looks great and also thank's to Ed Padgett for all the photos. More photos from O.C. will soon be up for all to see.

No news on the meeting between Zell and Geffen. Hopefully it was fruitful in bringing ownership back to L.A.

I've added new links to the blog, so check them out and participate in the Tribune Action Network organized by freepress.net. A link to their site is now in the links column as well.

One last bit of news, I have scheduled my knee surgery for May 22nd and look forward to finally getting this knee fixed. I postponed my surgery twice last year for obvious reasons and it was worth it. I am in constant pain and can't tolerate it any longer, plus I am tired of looking like a one-sided cowboy! I will also be taller! I will continue to stay on top of events as they occur and do my best to help from home while recovering. I have the satisfaction of knowing that we are all safe from Tribune and that I will have a job to return to. That will speed my recovery immensly.

I'm on vacation currently and will be attending the North American Newspaper Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida on the 16th and 17th. L.A. Operator, Keith Denson and myself were invited by GCC President George Tedeschi and Marty Keegan to represent our shops here at The Times. All the representatives of newspapers from across the country will be in attendance and this will finally give us the opportunity to interact with our peers from our Trade.

We will bring back a bounty of information and support that will help us build our local and insure that we succeed in estasblishing a strong unified membership.

That's it for now!

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