Thursday, April 19, 2007

51st Annual North American Newspaper Conference

Los Angeles Pressroom Operator, Keith Denson and I were honored to represent the Men and Women of our Pressroom's at The Los Angeles Times during The 51st Annual North American Newspaper Conference in St.Pete Beach Florida, April 16,17 &18th, 2007.

We had the opportunity to meet many of the men and women who provide services and benefits for GCC/IBT members and look forward to having them come to L.A. and O.C. to share the wealth of information they possess.

Keith and I were humbled when introduced to the Conference and received a "standing ovation" for the organizing victory in our shops. That standing ovation was for each and every one of you who stood diligent in your beliefs and especially for those of you who literally stood up and participated in achieving our victory. You should all be proud of yourselves, because everyone at the Conference made it clear that they are proud of "ALL "of us who work in our Pressrooms.

I expressed our appreciation to GCC/IBT President George Tedeschi for not giving up on us and supporting our latest organizing campaign. I also had to give greater thanks to GCC/IBT Lead Organizer Marty Keegan for convincing President Tedeschi to do just that.

Keith and I spoke of all the Union Busting we have had to endure over the years in trying to organize our shops and the many changes we have endured as a result of trusting a management that shows no compassion for it's workers when it comes to cutting costs.

Keith and I were stunned by the show of solidarity and generosity displayed by all the Teamsters in attendance. Financial Aid was raised for many fellow Teamsters who have faced adversed conditions including terminations at the hands of their respective employers for organizing or supporting union representation.

We think we have been treated unfairly during past election campaigns but I was witness to stories of severe treatment toward individuals for attempting to organize their shops, but more importantly what The Teamsters are doing to help them. Compassion for fellow workers in our Trade is a "Value" that I saw in every person I had the pleasure of meeting at the Conference.

I will begin posting information from some of the speakers at this conference in seperate posts to create topic specific posts detailing each of their roles with The Teamsters and their areas of expertise, as well as the service they perform for both The Teamsters and their members.

I created two new links here on the blog and invite you to click on them to get a clear picture of what goes on in our industry (both good and bad) and how we can stand together to improve working conditions for everyone. These are only two examples of why the working class need representation and a "Collective Bargaining Agreement"

The eight writers who were fired by Wendy McCaw in Santa Barbara for standing up to her for compromising the integrity of their paper( The Santa Barbara News Press) by becoming too involved in content and eventually union activism have created their own local news website( and are supported by their community by and large as well as by The GCC/IBT, so I encourage you to visit.

In Toledo, OH more than 200 full -time and part-time employees of "The Blade" entered their 8th month of being "ILLEGALLY" locked-out of their jobs in April. Visit their site ( help if you can.

I attended an Organizing Seminar on April 14th at The UCLA Labor Center in Los Angeles and will also post information from that experience.

If you haven't sent in your survey yet, do so soon.

Unity and Solidarity will accomplish anything you can't accomplish alone!

In solidarity,


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Welcome home Ronnie,

A lot of breaking news for Tribunites like us, lets hope for the best outcome in the near future.

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