Monday, January 14, 2008

Missed Meeting Mike?

Most of you were aware we held meetings to introduce our International Union Representative Mike Huggins. Those of you who were present took the opportunity to ask questions of Mike and received his honest responses.

He was asked about his experience with the Union, which spans thirty years. Mike was elected President of his Local servicing over thirty contracts. Mike has also wore the hat of an Organizer and won many organizing drives bringing representation to numerous shop.

Mike currently negotiates for several newspaper bargaining units and is more than qualified to negotiate alongside our elected employee committee members. The committee is confident in Mike, his credentials and the leadership he has displayed thusfar. We are equally confident that Mike will continue to lead us in the right direction.

Mike was asked "how long do you think this will take?" (negotiations) Mikes reply was that this can and will take some time. He recommended patience and warned against managements attempt to stall and cause the bargaining unit to lose faith in the process, the negotiating committee, and our representative.

All efforts by management and their lackeys to set the stage for a "decertification" drive rest on buying into their feeble attempts of discrediting the union. Mike represents US at the table and his credibility has been proven to many of us already.

Mike's resounding message was solidarity and the importance of maintaining and building support for both the Union and the negotiations. The adage "united we stand, divided we fall"
was emphasized and the fate of our success lies in that message.

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