Thursday, January 31, 2008


Termination of Seniority

Russ put out the latest Negotiation Update in which he lists topics discussed at the table. The termination of seniority does not mean we discussed eliminating seniority, but rather when seniority can be terminated. For example, if your employment is terminated, obviously so is your seniority. Another example discussed was if an individual were layed off for 6 months, his/her seniority would terminate. If this individual is called back to work prior to the 6th month, seniority would be restored. That is the extent of the discussion at the table pertaining to the company's proposal. There has been no agreement to this topic.

Seniority List

The committee did receive a second seniority list from managements committee which shows pressroom employees hire date(s). There are two dates listed, one referred to as a "legacy" hire date and a "company" hire date.

The Legacy date is the date of hire in the department as an "Apprentice"
This does not account for hire dates as "Utility" or "General Helper"
Some individuals, as a result of the Northridge Closure and 3 plant seniority list remain out of seniority position due to errors in hire dates.
Management attempted to resolve these errors, and after 4 revisions the list was closed to further revisions.

We are now in the position to correct these errors once and for all. As Russ stated, the list is not set in stone and we are asking that all individuals with an issue regarding their current seniority number, contact a committee member and provide a written discription of where you are on the list, and where you believe you should be.

Once this list is agreed upon at the table it will be considered an "OFFICIAL" Seniority List and will be the only opportunity to make the corrections sought by those who were negatively affected by seniority errors.

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