Friday, May 25, 2007

Project: Newsletter

For the longest time has bothered me the spread of rumors and how stories change from mouth to mouth, then it occurred to me volunteer to redesign and existing site that is meant to help clear some of the rumors and talk about facts and find ways to make our job easier and enjoyable. That's how got it's new look. A lot of time and effort went into it for a good cause. This site reflects some of my ideas of presenting the information that might be limited to one mind. That is why am asking for suggestions, what type of information we need to read about, information that can teach us, based on facts, not gossip. Also have in mind to create a weekly or monthly newsletter with the latest information about what goes on, on the floor, how to improve work habits, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Most important send me your email addresses, to create my own database. The newsletter will have an option to unsubscribe if you prefer.

Send me your e-mail addresses to

Remember it's not about taking sides anymore, it's about working together and helping each other.

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