Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally getting it fixed!

In 1978 I fell in the mountains and badly damaged my left leg tearing the cartlidge so bad that the whole thing was removed. Gradually over the last 29 years it has gotten worse now causing me continuous pain to my right hip, left ankle, and right knee.

I posponed my surgery twice last year, for obvious reasons and only now do I feel comfortable enough to leave the shop to finally repair my freakish looking appendage.

No more kickstand, gimpy, or u-turn. All nicknames I will cherish, but it's time to straighten up! I think I will be at least 2 inches taller by tonight when the knee gets replaced.

My knee surgeon Dr. Pradeep John Kumar M.D. is a great Doctor and I am confident everything will go fine. He will be perfoming my surgery at Kaiser Hospital in Bellflower, CA. today at
11:00 am. I am expected to remain in the hospital for 2 to 5 days depending on how the knee responds to the procedure. I can't believe I'm actually anxious to get there and get this done!
By the x-ray you can see why, my bone looks like it's ready to slide right off.

Well, it's time to go, I have an hour and a half to get to the hospital, so I will be in touch as soon as possible.


Ed Padgett said...

OK Chester, I will have to call you something else now that your two inches taller, would Matt Dillion work for you?

A.Albanes said...

Best of luck, hope to see ya soon back on the floor. Get well soon.

Ronnie Pineda said...

For those of you that are interested, probably not more than one or two of you, I'm doing fine.

The surgery went well and I came home on the 24th, two days after surgery. I have alot of swelling and limited mobility and occasional pain.

I have been receiving physical therapy twice a week at home and will begin therapy at the rehab facility next week.

I began walking with the aid of a walker on day two of my procedure and will graduate to a cane on Monday.

I feel great and am glad that I finally did it. It is straight for the first time in almost 25 years.

Well back to my R and R

See you all soon, take care of, and watch out for one another!

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