Friday, May 18, 2007

No Pressroom Buy-Outs Update

I telephoned GCC/IBT International President George Tedeschi this morning (Fri) to seek his assistance in informing Tribune of pressroom members who expressed an interest in participating in the current buy-outs, and to also inquire as to the possibility of allowing our brothers and/or sisters to apply for consideration in the current buy-outs.

President Tedeschi agreed to make inquiries and inform me of his findings.

I received his consent to post the information he received as a result of his inquiries.

GCC/IBT President George Tedeschi on behalf of The Los Angeles Times Pressroom Employees contacted his sources within Tribune as to the eligibility of our members to participate in the Buy-Outs that are currently being offered to Los Angeles Times Employees. The response that was given to him was that "no buy-outs are being offered to pressroom employees because Tribune has no desire to reduce staffing in the Los Angeles Times Pressrooms at this time"
He went on to say that the decision to organize our shops had absolutely nothing to do with Tribune's decision to exclude pressroom employees from the buy-outs at this time and reiterated that there was no desire on management's behalf to reduce staffing in our shops.
He also mentioned that the work environment is always subject to change and that if management were to consider buy-outs in the future that the Union would be ready to negotiate buy-outs on behalf of its members.

That is the sum of our conversation on the buy-out issue, so I want everyone to understand perfectly clear that it is NOT because of the union, but rather a decision by the company to maintain current staffing levels that is preventing interested pressroom employees from applying for a buy-out.

I would like to thank President Tedeschi for obtaining the necessary information to put this matter to rest. I'm sorry that the interested individuals are not being given an opportunity to participate, and I am equally glad to say that the Union is not to blame for this decision.

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