Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hi Ronnie,

I think we can list more, " Take Aways".

I would like to get a list of some of the prior ones.

We used to have at one time a least one Nurse on Duty. Some times two.
We had a Doctor on Staff in L.A. ( Doctor Buck )
Our own Painters, Carpenters, Janitors, Gaurds, ... Any you can add?

We had extra help on the press - Paper Handlers,
They had stubs ready for any change over. All the paper lined up for the change over.
An extra eye on things- next run- how many to go- etc.....

Just a thought on some the things not listed.

Ronnie, there is one thing that we lost lately that should be listed and it's one that affects our earnings toward retirement. We can no longer " Day Trade" in our 401k plan.
The rats want us to sit still while Rome is burning. Enron style.
We must remain in any plan we select for 30 days. If we choose to put our money in a Money Market Account, we have to wait 60 days. In essence, if we decide to get out high and wait out the Market in a Money Market account to keep thing safe from the fluctuations of the Market and then jump back in low, our options are severly limited.
Day Trading is for the Big Boys.

Talk to ya later,


Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie go work at most any other newspaper and you would not have any of those things that you listed.I worked at OC REGISTER biggest circulation in OC NEVER HAD ANY OF THOSE BENEFITS.Maybe if you worked at another newspaper you to could be grateful at ours.Most of you whiners never worked at another paper .And this was your first job out of highschool.Always whining Peace

Anonymous said...

Is that the oc " no crew " operator again ???

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