Thursday, October 05, 2006

Farewell Mr. Johnson....
It is being reported by The New York Times that Jeff Johnson was "FIRED" by Tribune, and Dow Jones States Tribune reported that he resigned. Naturally Tribune would try to downplay his TERMINATION.

I give him alot of respect for standing up to his superiors and attempting to prevent further cuts at our paper. Tribune is determined to accomplish it's objectives and since Jeff wasn't going to comply, they simply replaced him with someone who will!

Who in management will risk his position to prevent cuts in the pressroom? Any volunteers? Mark? Russ? Greg? Ron? Most likely none of them!

The 200 million dollars in cuts will probably begin very soon so we need to focus on our own effort to prevent cuts in our shops. Sign a Card and Vote YES!

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Anonymous said...

Hey ronnie that was a tough call what usually happenes when one says no too the boss.. that was a no brainer

Danny B.

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