Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I was informed at yesterday's General Membership meeting that Senior Vice President, Russ Newton has been walking the shop floor seeking your forgiveness and asking that he be given another chance. Another chance for what? Another chance to do more damage to our family's all the while improving his household wealth? Why would he ask for another chance if he didn't do anything wrong? EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE IS WRONG! That goes along with his request that you also TRUST him. WHAT? Does he think you forgot all that he has said (LIES) and done to our shop since taking control? For some reason this Peanuts cartoon kept popping up in my head and I think it contains the required response.
 Do you remember all he has done to our brothers and sisters that have been on disability only to receive no compassion and lose their job when deemed healthy by their doctor to return, Martin Conboy, Don Reese (RIP) etc.... That is just one of the many heartless acts he is guilty of that proves he does not deserve any chances whatsoever. The Grinch grew a heart, but he is a cartoon character, Russ is incapable of change and he and his minions seek only to improve their situation at the expense of you, the workers. Stand your ground and fight for your rights! The Union is your only protection from this tyrant and he will lie to achieve his objective. What is his objective? To get rid of your Union! This is just in preparation of a de-cert election he and his former supervisor crony are conditioning the membership for. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT TALKING TO THE UNION FIRST! YOUR UNION RIGHTS ARE GOING TO BE UNDER ATTACK TOWARDS THE END OF OUR CURRENT CONTRACT!

Prove you are worthy of Forgiveness and Trust Russ! Restore Seniority, Cease your Anti-Union Animus, resolve our grievances and I will personally forgive you!

President Pineda


Anonymous said...

Ronnie you gotta be kidding me LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just by asking for another chance, Russ is admitting to being an A*&LE...do not trust him

Anonymous said...

So Russ wants forgiveness. I think his time is up on his contract. Yet cameras being installed everywhere. 60 in the pressroom. 30 downstairs and 30 upstairs. Also supply dispensing machines. What are we an experiment. Russ walking aro9und asking for what can be fixed. I think he wants to know what our weaknesses are so he can squeeze the screws even more.

Anonymous said...

Russ doesn't have the BALLS ( or the ability to use the "other thing" ) to admit he was /is an AH*&E

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