Friday, January 08, 2010

Business or Bullshit!

We all know that the newspaper industry has suffered beyond measure, leaving great reporters to truck drivers, and everyone in between in its wake of destruction. We have all suffered immeasurable casualties of our own here at the L.A. Times, sadly at the hands of a bunch of Tribune LIARS AND CROOKS!

These same SOB's have the balls to call the Union Officers Thugs! Nothing good has ever happened to benefit the employees of the Los Angeles Times under the stewardship of Tribune Corp. RAPE AND PILLAGE has been the M.O. all along.

From Madigan to Zell, all we have witnessed is the downward spiral of a once great newspaper, not as much, in my opinion, due to the economy, as to FUCKING GREED AND MISMANAGEMENT! I am damn tired of the bullshit the company spews in the name of saving costs and creating a newspaper that the consumer will want. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! The ineptitude of the powers that be have sent even the most loyal L.A. Times readers elsewhere, and I doubt they will come back no matter what redesign they come up with!

The thing that fucking pisses me off the most is that some of these assholes are fucking enjoying what they are doing to the employees in the pressroom. Management doesn't give a shit about what will happen to all of the families and the future they have disrupted, as long as they continue to get their fucking money! How the fuck they sleep at night is beyond me!

What the fuck do they do to deserve a job over the people that actually create the newspaper? All they do is go to meetings all day and try to find new and creative ways to fuck the employees out of their jobs to save money. Why don't they all get off their asses and the asses of their workers and finds ways to earn money for the company instead of laying everyone off to save a buck and their own asses!

Trying to get the Bankruptcy Court to allow them to distribute 22 to 66 Million Dollars in bonuses to incentivize these idiots is a fucking insult to our intelligence and should not be allowed without a fight! Money is not the root of all evil.......the love of money is.

Message to Management, I created this Blog for the pressroom employees, NOT YOU LYING ASSHOLES! So like I've said before, if you don't like what I posted here, then don't fucking come here! I hope you all loose your fucking jobs, health insurance, retirement and homes, you HEARTLESS BASTARDS! I admit, this is unprofessional, but I'm sick and tired of my Brothers and Sisters being fucked over for forming a Union here at the sacred, non-union L.A. Times. Go back to Chicago and take Stumpy with you!!


Anonymous said...

Great job ronnie

C.RENEY said...

this is definitely not a family run Newspaper anymore :( Atleast we (us) that print the product can make it as much as a family as we can .!

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