Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apology to Members

I deeply apologize to the members that were offended or upset by my comments that were directed towards(mis)-management. I became very, very angry after months of being lied to while attempting to obtain answers on the members behalf regarding the closing of O.C.

I realize O.C. was rumored to close for some time now, and it eventually would be, but when we ask questions that you want answered, don't you expect to receive an honest answer? So do I! I wasn't upset so much that they were lying to Keith's and my faces, but that ALL of you were being lied to once again.

I DETEST liars and that is the reason I had to say what I said. I have absolutely no regrets for what I said because that is how I honestly feel. I spoke the truth many of you would echo if you could do so without repercussion. It is those of you that I represented in my comments.

I want everyone to know that those words were from Ronnie the Pressman, not Ronnie the President. I have always conducted myself in a professional manner when addressing the company on behalf of the membership from the very beginning, management has shown no interest in reciprocating by lying blatantly to its employees.

This behavior should not be easily dismissed and a demand for honesty should be imposed upon management by each and every employee. Just because you know they lie doesn't mean its O.K. DEMAND TRUTH and HONESTY from the Company and require them to also treat their employees in a professional and ethical manner. In other words, STOP LYING!

I assure the members that I will show the restraint necessary to represent the membership in a professional manner and give my word that I will refrain from unleashing my inner thoughts upon management again in the future.................if there is one!

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Nubia said...

KUDOS, Ronnie, not only for the apology, but for speaking your mind on the situation at hand!

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