Wednesday, June 03, 2009

No Threats, Abundance of Lies.

The National Right to Work folks are being lied to by former Supervisor/ O.C. Operator, Lee Carey in the form of false accusations stating he is being threaten to join the union and pay full dues as covered in this potentially libelous article.

Los Angeles Times Employees Illegally Threatened with Lawsuit for Refusing to Pay Union Dues
"Illegal contract provides pretext for Teamster bosses to sue employees for not joining the union or paying dues"

First of all Lee has no concept of what a brotherhood is and has time and time again shown that Lee only cares about Lee and will betray a fellow pressperson in a heartbeat if it puts another buck in his pocket. Lee would never be forced to join our union and I personally would not have a problem with him never joining our Local. With that said, Lee, like everyone else in the pressroom is required under the "Legal" contract to pay dues, to which the Local can pursue "Legally" in small claims court when dues are in arrears, as Lee's and many others are. They too have received the same notification requesting remittance of payment to bring their dues current. The collection of dues began months ago and to date there are some, like Lee, that have not made a single dues payment.

Here is a quote from Stefan Gleason of the NRTW which is rooted in Lee's blatant lies:

“It’s bad enough that employees can be forced to pay union dues just to keep a job, but these thuggish tactics are completely uncalled for,” said Stefan Gleason, vice president of the National Right to Work Foundation. (End)

I encourage Stephan to read our contract and withdraw The ULP based on Lee's Lies.

Its not Stefans fault for believing Lee's Lies but Stefan should find out the facts about our contract and the facts about his deceptive client. Mr. Gleason's time would be better utilized by someone with a legitimate reason for his free assistance. So, Stefan, for your information, our Union Security Language does not make union membership or payment of dues a condition of employment and no one can be terminated for refusing to do either. I will excuse the "Thuggish" accusation because I realize as many others do, that the only thug in this whole song and dance is Lee himself. He has managed to maintain his favored status with management and still manipulates supervision that for some reason has never had the courage to stand up to his infantile tantrums, instead appease him at the financial expense of others in the pressroom. How many of you put your name in for overtime, wait for, and not get a call only to discover that some how Lee managed to work O.T. instead of you? Everyone in O.C. raise your hand.

Before Lee's friends at NRTW teach him another word like "mendacious" the question remains, why were no other former supervisors allowed to return to the floor after being in management for two or more years? Because they did not have an "Oral Agreement" as Lee puts it, with management. To this date no one but Lee and Kurtich know what that agreement was. How about elaborating on that Lee? Do you have any agreements with management now? Is that how you got an operator position after almost three years of not picking as an operator? What the hell is an "Operator assigned to the Training Dept" Lee feasted on overtime by having this title which he exclusively held and was not a bid position. Lee was allowed to pick his days off which were days that there was almost always overtime, because they had to call people who were off before the persons with the least amount of overtime.

Lee, you can't get your way for ever, I'm certain that when your friends at the national right to work discover your true character and the truth about your privileged working conditions, not to mention, YOUR LIES, they too will recognize you for the backstabber you are, and why we would never force you to join the union.

Lee, tell the truth, stop the mendacious lies, pay your dues and quit wasting everyones time. Might I suggest you use the 2% Lump Sum money you will be receiving at the end of the week to pay the balance owed and bring your dues current. I'm sure you won't need to be threatened or forced to accept the union negotiated "Lump Sum" money now will you? Didn't think so.

Ronnie Pineda
GCC/IBT Local 140-N

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