Friday, June 26, 2009

140-N News

I have launched the GCC/IBT Local 140-N members blog at and will send invites to all members I have e-mail addresses for. If you would like an immediate invite or have not provided your e-mail address to the local, please do so in order to gain access to the new site.

You can send your request and e-mail address to by clicking on the link to launch your e-mail program.

Also, as a reminder, Los Angeles E-Board Member Mike Brierley created an e-mail account for our Local and members to ask questions or seek assistance from your Executive Board.
The e-mail address is We will quickly respond so don't hesitate to utilize this communication tool to get help and answers.

I requested Journeyman Cards from the International for all of our members and they have been ordered and are currently being created. I received Journeyman Certificates for all members from the International last week. Should any of our members decide to relocate and seek employment in a union shop, the card will give the cardholder priority in job placement for any available positions. I anticipate receiving the cards shortly and will deliver them as soon as they arrive. We will most likely mail them to your homes so be sure that the Local has your current mailing information.

We are wasting time and money everyday we fail to take action in relation to the Interlocal Pension Fund. A golden opportunity is being allowed to sit on the back burner and we are losing money by not making a decision on participation. Please review the April 22nd Post by clicking on the link and visit the ILPF website or call the ILPF to get immediate answers to your questions. I would like to invite ILPF Chairman John Agenbroad back out to meet with everyone who did not take the opportunity to meet him in April. This is probably the most important thing to do for your future considering there is no longer a viable retirement vehicle offered by the company. Time is money, will you have enough when you retire? If you are already interested in the Plan let us know by using the e-mail and let us know what percentage you would be interested in investing monthly. We are trying to determine an average percentage to arrive at an amount that would be comfortable for all participants to vote on. We first need to vote on participation in the Plan so hurry up and do your homework. Your in shop representatives have literature on the plan as well, all you have to do is ask.

It's never too late to apply for membership, just ask a shop steward or E-Board Member for an application. I have heard all of the complaints, which mostly come from the critics and suggest that you join and get involved. Only Members may attend meetings, vote and run for Office in our Local. Don't get mad, get involved.

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