Friday, February 27, 2009

Steve Grant's Testimonial

Hey partners,
Funny, I don't feel much like a partner.That's because I'm one of the 63 presspeople getting laid off. After 31 years with the company I've been given my walking papers starting April 6.09

I started when I was 18 years old.My stepfather was a truck driver for the Times.He told me "I'll get you in the door, but after that it's up to you".I can walk away being proud of the job I've done.I always looked forward to the proud day when at 58 years old I could brag about being a 40 year employee.That's not going to happen now.

It's 4:00 am and I'm scribbling notes on paper before I sit down to the computer later and "peck" this in.I slept in late this morning.I've lately been waking up at 1:30 am and unable to go back to sleep with all the things on my mind.I'm out on disability after having surgery on my foot.I kept working thinking the problem would go away but the doctor said it wouldn't and would get worse.Now they are concerned about my blood pressure.Losing my job,having surgery,the proposed lousy severance,and lack of a plan for the future.No wonder it's high.
How about you Russ? You losing any sleep? How's your blood pressure partner?

I would've thought telling the story over and over again to my relatives,friends,neighbors and others would make it easier.But it doesn't.Luckily I have a supportive wife and family that look forward to the next chapter in our lives.Hopefully it doesn't involve working nights,weekends,holidays and driving 40 miles one way to work.
How about you Russ? When you tell the story about how your screwing 63 employees out of their severance over and over again does it make it easier to do partner?

Tribune co. is now employee owned.Sam Zell said "were partners". Where's Sam? I read somewhere that the bankruptcy judge gave the OK for bonus money for Tribune management deserved prior to bankruptcy. If they did such a fine job then why are we in bankruptcy? Hope all you partners didn't feel guilty about depositing those bonus checks into your bank accounts. I'll bet the total amount for those bonuses equals the total amount of severance your Not giving to the 63 presspeople.

How come most of my fellow pressroom employees that are not leaving are so quiet? Don't think that whatever happens to us won't happen to you next.Did Russ whisper in your ears" Don't worry. Next time there is a layoff you'll get the same severance as everyone else. We just want to screw these 63 employees. Promise". Have any of you thought about if management would have announced a better severance,they would have a mass exodus from higher seniority people? That would have enabled some of the 63 "pro union" people to stay? This is managements way of "busting" the union. Pretty smart partners.

Thirty one years. Seventeen years in Transportation and fourteen in the pressroom.Time sure went fast.I've always let my work speak for itself and I've always been a firm believer that if I do good things, good thinks will happen.The only thing that is fair is to give us what everyone else is getting. After all we are partners right?
In closing I'd like to thank the Los Angeles Times for the job that I loved and the opportunities that it provided. I'd like to thank all my friends and coworkers that helped me become the person that I am and the worker that I was. It was a partnership in life that I will forever be grateful for.

Steve Grant
O.C. Pressroom Operator

"AMEN Brother Steve!
Steve Grant submitted this as a comment, but I felt it needed to be posted in it's own posting. I invite everyone subject to the lay-off to send me a testimonial and include a family photo , I will post every one individually so that the public and the company can see the faces and families that are effected. We all have served this company loyally for decades and acknowledgement for our dedication is strongly warranted. My invitation is extended to any and all of the 300 lay-off targeted L.A.Times employees.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve
Thanks for sharing your feelings with all of us that care. I feel really bad for all the people leaving with management saying it is fair with all your dedicated service and hard work. They know person to person they are not being honest and especially with themselves. Steve you were one of our best operators and workers. You will always be remembered for your good hard work. From another dedicated oc times operator. Please keep in touch and may peace be with you and your family. Thanks for everything Steve. The pressroom will miss you.
Rick Satterlee

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sincere comment. It means a lot to me knowing you care. Management doesn't care about my 31 years of service. They only cared about the last three months the union contract was ratified. I tried to be the best operator I could be. Being a good operator not only means having the technical skills to do the job. It means having the guts to stand up for your crew but also having the guts to stand up for the office. It means helping your crew to understand the big picture about what needs to be done. I felt I was lucky because I worked outside the pressroom walls, and was able to see the other side of making every thing work. It means explaining to your crew the reason why you all need to pitch in and do a little extra. Every year during crew picks, someone always came to me and said " Good luck, you have this person and that person". I never had problems with anyone. I led by example. If they saw me work hard, they would work hard. Sure sometimes there were some issues. But when you learn how to deal with people, knowing what that works with one crew member doesn't necessarily work with another, means the difference. I always prided myself with having never been called to the office or H.R. with an issue. It means working with the service shops, getting problems fixed on your shift instead of the next.It means put out the best product you can because the advertisers pay the bills.It means your only as good as your last pressrun and you want to do better on your next. It means every day is important but today is just or more important than yesterday.
Rick, I'll miss our political debates and discussions regarding work issues. Your one of the other Operators that actually cared and had passion for your job. Thanks for all the advise you gave me running "K" press. It made me a better operator. I'll miss YOU and EVERYBODY else. Please get my phone number from Bill Smith and give me a call sometime.
Thanks again

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