Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday's Rally

Monday's Rally was very inspiring and it was a great example of solidarity as we marched side by side with brothers and sisters from GCC/IBT Local 404, Teamsters Local 396, Iron Workers Local 416 and members of the SEIU. Unions have united across labor affiliations understanding that supporting each others issues only stregthens the labor movement as a whole.
I received several messages from T.V. News agencies stating that there was some confusion regarding the time of our rally. Our literature clearly stated that we were to begin at 11:00am, but they weren't sure if it was at 11:00 am or at 1:00pm. We have no idea how the media was mislead, but we have some suspicions. We intend to investigate how this confusion by the media occured and whether any foul play was involved.

There were several web-based news agencies that did report on the rally and those stories and additional photos can be found on Ed Padgett's blog and these links:

Teamster Joint Counsel Speaker.

Every effort to have local politicians join us on the street was overshadowed by the current stimulus package and their efforts to get those dollars into the Los Angeles economy and they were committed to that process just across the street from our rally. It is my understanding that we do have their support for what is happening not only to our shops, but the newspaper as a whole. We will continue to call on them for support and hope to utilize their offices to improve the working conditions for not only our bargaining unit, but all L.A. Times Employees.

Our Attorney, Ira Gottlieb addresses the crowd highlighting the unfair treatment of our members. Ira also listed the board charges and grievances that we have filed with management and the N.L.R.B. To Ira's right in the photo is GCC/IBT Local 404m President Doug Brown. President Brown and the members of Local 404 have responded to every request for help, and this time was no different.
Teamster Executive Board Member and Western Region Organizer, Manny Valenzuela addressed the crowd emphasising the importance of standing together against workplace injustice and encouraged everyone to remain strong and united.

Our rally was an important beginning in raising awareness for equality and fairness. It's intent was to deliver the message that, first, we are not alone, second, we will stand up for workplace justice and third and most important........


Photos courtesy of Victor Banuelos

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