Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rally At San Diego Union Tribune

Union Rally At The San Diego Union Tribune Tuesday February 26th @ 12:00 pm
Show your support for our brothers and sisters in San Diego by attending this Rally. The Pressroom employees are negotiating their contract renewal and the recently organized mailroom is currently negotiating their first contract.
Our International Organizers, Marty Keegan, Jorge Perez and several International Representatives are working diligently to bring awareness to the S.D.U.T. employees efforts to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement. Let's show our appreciation for all the hard work they've done for us here by attending the rally and support their efforts in San Diego.
The employees at the Union Tribune know and support our efforts to negotiate a contract and welcome the opportunity to meet all of us. Come make some new friends and share stories that only we can relate to.
Contact me at so I can get a headcount and to arrange carpools if anyone wishes to share a ride.
Wear your colors (Black Teamster Shirts) and meet at 12:00 noon:
San Diego Union-Tribune350 Camino de la Reina
San Diego, CA 92108
Lets get out and do our part to help our fellow Pressmen and Women.

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