Monday, August 27, 2007

Full System Restore

Don't you hate when your computer takes a dump? I'm sorry for having not posted anything recently as I've been out of favor with the Hewlett Packard Gods.

My laptop has been slower than a snail and a turtle race and my only option was to do a complete system restoration. That included the numerous upgrades since My wife gave this HP to me for christmas.
I'm am back to flying again so let's get to business.

August 21st Shareholders Meeting

I hope you have all listened to the August 21st shareholders meeting webcast on Triblink

GCC/IBT President George Tedeschi, International Representative Doug Nowakowski and Dan Willitt of The Teamsters, Capital Strategies Dept. were in attendance representing 2000 Teamster members employed by Tribune. They all spoke out against the fact that we as employees have no voice in the governance of the EMPLOYEE Stock OWNERSHIP Plan.
Look up the definition of ownership and see if you find any contradictions.

You are all aware by now that we as employees now have a major debt tied to our future retirement provided by the company. Technically we will own the company until all the debt against our new ESOP is paid off, but GreatBanc will decide for us how to vote the Esop shares, not the "E"mployees.

Is Orange County Closing Next?

Also on Triblink is the video that was sent to pressroom employees during our organizing campaign with Publisher David Hiller reassuring everyone that there was no truth to the rumor that Orange County was going to be closed any time soon. I have heard this rumor quite often lately so I myself can only go by what was stated by our publisher in this video and hope that it was true then, and it holds true now.

Shop Steward Training on September 15th.

Anyone who intends on attending this training course needs to RSVP at (626) 357-6476 soon, or contact me at so that preparations can be made to accomodate all who plan to attend. This course is being hosted by The Teamsters Training Department and they look forward to meeting everyone from our shops. Take some time to learn about your Union and how you can participate in helping one another by being a shop steward.

This training course is open to anyone regardless of whether you are interested in becoming a shop steward or not. I strongly recommend everyone who can be there to do so to take advantage of the information that will be presented and to have a better understanding of what a shop stewards rights and responsibilities are to the members and how shop stewards represent the bargaining unit in the shop by ensuring that the company complies with our Collective Bargaining Agreement. They also make sure that our members comply as well.
No Light Duty.

I had hoped to return on the 23rd but my Doctor's restrictions appear to have been a bit too strict, so I will have to continue to recouperate at home. I am doing well and my knee has a little swelling remaining but it is getting stronger every day. I appreciate the calls I have received wishing me a speedy recovery. With my Doctor's blessings, I will be back very soon.

Union Affairs

The contract proposal is near completion. As you know I cannot go into detail for the fact that Management in Los Angeles as well as Chicago visit this site on a regular basis. The Negotiation Committee and International Representive Mike Huggins will be meeting again very soon to get closer to finalizing our Contract proposal. No negotiation dates have been reached as yet either.

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