Monday, July 16, 2007

Negotiation Committee Members meet with GCC/IBT International Representative Mike Huggins

The Elected Negotiation Committee Members met for the first time with our GCC/IBT International Representative Mike Huggins. Mike has been in the Union for over 30 years and brings a vast history of experience as a President of his Local, an Organizer and currently as an International Representative. Mike has organized numerous shops and negotiated numerous contracts. I am confident that with Mike's leadership and a very committed Negotiation Committee, we will persevere in creating and negotiating a fair and long overdue collective bargaining agreement.

Mike provided The Committee Members with literature to review so that we can prepare ourselves for, and to understand what to expect in negotiations.

The Union Members Complete Guide Everything you want-and need-to know about working Union
by Michael Mauer

This book is excellent to familiarize yourselves with subjects such as "What are Unions?" "The Union's Responsibilty to it's Members" and more importantly
"Your Role in Your Union"
I encourage everyone to get a copy and learn the truth about working in a Union Shop.

Our meeting with Mike was very productive and educational. The Committee disclosed the issues that led us to organizing our shops as well as the concerns we have regarding current and future conditions in our shops. The surveys will provide Mike with details on many of the subjects we discussed in our meeting and will give Mike an understanding of what we seek in our "first" contract.

We intend on completing our contract proposal within a matter of weeks and hopefully begin negotiations within the next couple of months or less. Dates and times for negotiations will be scheduled by our Attorney Ira Gottlieb, Mike Huggins and representatives for the Company. Once a schedule is agreed to, negotiations will begin.

The Negotiation Committee will be meeting again on July 24th to review the contract proposal (draft) and make sure that we have completely addressed all of our terms and conditions in writing.

If you should have any questions, by all means, ask your Committee Members.

In Solidarity!

Update: Mike moved our meeting one day forward, so The Negotiation Committee will meet instead on the 25th.

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