Monday, June 18, 2007

N.L.R.B. Decision

The N.L.R.B. officially announced their decision to deny the Company's request for a review of our election victory and "certified" our election results.

We now look forward to meeting with our GCC/IBT Negotiator and Attorneys to receive negotiation skills training and for preparation of our contract proposal.

If you happen to still be in possesion of your survey, you need to return it to have your voice included in the contract proposal. If you did not receive one and need a copy contact me here at and we will get one to you quickly.

A safe and fair work environment is what we seek and look forward to working with management to obtain and to arrive at a fair and amicable collective bargaining agreement.

Congratulations to everyone!
In solidarity!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.... “A safe and fair work environment is what we seek”. What a glorious goal!!!! So I assume nothing you have today is very “safe” or “fair”.... that’s a interesting point of view and an interesting place to start.... sounds adversarial to me!

charlesreney said...

Remember to talk to your reps and ask questions.We need to be all together inorder to make our union great!

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