Sunday, June 17, 2007

Management, abide by the law in L.A. Pressroom!


We won the right to be represented by the GCC/IBT in January. When the results of the vote were read, our pressrooms became protected from any changes until collective bargaining.

Simply put, our pressroom are suppose to be a snapshot of what they were on January 6th. Since then, unfair labor practice charges have been filed against the company and a couple of proposed changes were never implemented. The N.L.R.B. warned the company that they would prosecute if any more attempts to change our working environment were put into effect. You should have all received Ira's letter stating all the facts pertaining to ULP's that were filed on our behalf with The N.L.R.B.
Ira's letter clearly highlighted all the facts that were absent from managements posting on the same subject.


Recent meetings yielded plenty of information for our Attorney Ira Gottlieb and Organizer Marty Keegan to understand what management is attempting to do in our shops, and also identify witnesses to bring certain current issues to the Union's attention, as well as The N.L.R.B.


I have been told by many of our brothers and sisters that they are receiving less than favorable evaluations this time around. Certain individuals claim they are being evaluated unfairly and inaccurately. I've always been leary of this process because they seem to paint a different picture of how we perceive ourselves on the job.


Lunches are being limited to 35 minutes no matter when you finish lining up your press, when past practices were that you return at a pre-determined time enabling the crews to return and plate up with ample time to do so prior to receiving a plate starter.


There are still certain individuals who volunteer their time prior to their start time making roll changes and doing catwalk work with managements awareness. This practice is against company guidelines and is regularly overlooked by management for the benefit of lining up and starting the press as quickly as possible.
Should any of these individuals get injured while performing this bad practice, the company is not going to assume liability and I'm sure the individual will be reprimanded as well. This has got to cease before any injuries actually occur.


Operators reported that they are being held accountable for their crews at heightened levels and stated that they are being evaluated negatively if they are not overseeing their crews according to managements new unannounced expectations.


We used to be rewarded for going the extra mile by being given a meal ticket. This form of recognition was abolished as a result of our victory as well.


Management knows that these actions are in violation of the N.L.R.A. which protects our newly won rights, yet they don't hesitate to punish us workers for exercising our legally protected right to vote for Union Representation.
These issues as well as a few others are and will be addressed by The Union and The N.L.R.B.

Until then, we must be diligent and not allow management to lure us into being insubordinate. You must do what is being asked of you. If you believe that you are being asked to do something unsafe, then you have the right to challenge any order that would endanger you or a fellow pressperson. All other instructions that are not consistant with past practices needs to be brought to the attention of The Teamsters so that an investigation can determine the facts, and the appropriate action to take.

Report any changes or unfair treatment here by e-mailing me at
and your information will be forwarded to Marty and Ira to investigate.

In Solidarity!

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