Monday, January 01, 2007

Some of you came out and met Mike and Lou from Newsday's Pressroom. Some of us were unable to due to the holidays, work or simply time. We anticipated this and made a DVD of their visit and have made them available to everyone. I encourage you to watch this DVD before you cast your vote. The message they deliver is powerful. They explain how they run their shop and how we can do the same.
Again I will ask each and everyone of you to take responsibility for what has happened over the past seven years with Tribune at the helm,and ask that you do the same for the future. We cannot and should not leave our future in the hands of people who have done nothing for us.
A sale is eminant and we must take action to protect ourselves and our families.

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mike said...

Ronnie thanks for having Lou and myself out to L.A. to talk to the membership.Hiller how many cuts did that dvd take to do!Lou and myself talk from the heart and like pressman,we are not programed or have to say what Dennis(ceo) wants you to say.Debate with president Tedeschi i don't think so you would have needed all your lawyers with you.Something to hide maybe like the truth.Well good luck everyone(God only knows you will need it if you vote no)
Mike LaSpina Local406

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