Saturday, January 06, 2007

Union Election Victory For L.A.Times Pressroom Employees


Our first order of business is to mend the broken fences and repair the burned bridges between all in our Pressrooms that were the result of managements relentless anti-union campaign. The ONLY losers today were the union busters!

Management has always said that you have a voice and that was true, BUT NOW THEY HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT! This is what we have been denied for way too long and we deserve everything this victory affords us.

We have made history by bringing Union Representation back to our shops for the first time in 40 years and should never allow management to divide us again!

A democractic process will now give each and everyone of us a voice in EVERY decision made regarding our Trade and pressrooms in The L.A. Times.

There is alot of work ahead and alot of people to thank for all their personal sacrifices. This was a very stressful election for everyone and it is now behind us and we will learn and build together a UNION shop that we can all be proud of.

The Los Angeles Times used to set the bar and were the model for all newspapers to follow and it's time that we position ourselves to regain that position in our industry once again. We in the Pressroom have a responsibility and an opportunity to help do just that.

Thank you everyone.


Anonymous said...

Victory is fleeting....

Just wait til the 1st contract proposal....

We will see who really won.

Say good bye to the raise in march!!!

Anonymous said...

I’m a little confused...... Why did the pressroom folks want the Union? Was it because they wanted better pay....... better benefits...... better working conditions..... less out of pocket expenses? Maybe it was a “guarantee” of a job for life.... that must be it! I wouldn’t hold my breath!

Could it be that the company will now outsource the printing of the LA Times, like they did up in San Francisco. Could they sell the two printing facilities with the equipment to another company? Would this be less expense expensive than maintaining the current assets (people, presses & facilities) and dealing with the union?

Good luck people... you may have gotten more than you bargained for. As for all the folks that maintain the equipment/facility, package the product and handle the newsprint, for your sake, I hope that that doesn’t happen and that you don’t get caught up in something that was not your doing.

Anonymous said...

You know it is interesting, I heard concerns that “outsiders” from Chicago were running the Los Angeles Times. Now we have another group of “outsiders” representing the pressroom employees. Hummmmmmm, interesting one group of “outsiders” talking to another group of “outsiders” to determine what is best for the “insiders”. Boy.... what a strange world we live in!!!

Anonymous said...

There wont be a group of outsiders representing the pressroom employees, your other coworkers that are elected, will be representing all the workers.

devasted in OC said...


The other blog would not print what I have to say... Let's see if you will.

How after all these years could the union prevail?

Let's saee...

1. Mark Kurtich brings in Russ Newton as VP??? Never understood that move!

2. Shortly there after the Valley plant is closed. Number 1 statement is now clear. Bring in the hit man if you don't have the guts to do it yourself.

3. Russ Newton reinstates an old tribune buddy John Walker as OLY pressroom manager. Walker is Walker and many votes are lost.

3. The death blow to us non union pressman in OC was Russ Newton and his one on one meetings. He scared the crap out of, and insulted many. He made it clear that he didn't care if a union was voted in...guess what he got one.

Will he get his raise and bonus?

Ronnie Pineda said...

Hi Ronnie,
On behalf of the whole local at Newsday WELCOME. You guys did a great job and a wise one out in L.A. , Thanks for letting Lou and myself have a little part in this victory.If you guys need anything just call.

Mike LaSpina
B.A. Local 406.

Anonymous said...

Im looking for a site to get my LAT new union info, which one is it??
Ronnie can you help me??
Thank you, this is great, if this goes like you want it, the world well be saved. LAT PRESSMAN the 130+.

Anonymous said...

ah, the union is back. Is it working? I think you will find it will hurt you more financially than give you secure jobs. But I do wish you the best. I was one of those affected by the close of the SF plant.

Anonymous said...

Some fools never go away, they just join unions. There is hope in unions, but its not the answer to all problems. This will not be published probably, as it will be stopped by the union promoter of this site.

Do you feel good about this a few months after signing it in? The company did pass you over with the sale...that is good - really; but after a year, if they really wish to cut some job, Zell may do it to you again.

Good luck!

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