Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Now things will get better

If the union goes away we will get better hours,more sick days, less harassment about using them.less favoritism ,more money.More vacation time.have a problem with  management they will gladly sit down with you and make it right. We will all just sit around and sing( kumbaya ).............Sound like a fantasy  ?

                        IT IS !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

to bad these folks never learn trusting russ and greg I cant wait to hear them cry when russ takes away everything from those bozos our current president has said ...a teachable moment...

Anonymous said...

You can trust Russ guys go ahead Leon Satterlee , Espinoza remember the drivers !!..Russ whould LOVE it if you guys decertify so go ahead you guys will be the laughing stock in the newspaper industry.

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