Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Local 140n news

                      LOCAL 140N    News Flash

This is just a reminder. This is just a few things we can do to protect ourselves.

1.    Do your (SOPS) standard operating procedures

2.    Ask for representations every time management wants to talk to you. If they say no tell your Rep. and do what you are asked

3.    Keep your own records (web breaks and what units they are on)

4.    Always Hang Rolls With A Partner, NEVER HANG ROLLS ALONE!

5.    Work steady don’t hurry

6.    Work safe

7.    Come to meetings

These are a couple labor charges we have filed

#1 failed to comply with camera info request

#2 Vacation being counted as a sick day

Please do not sign any petition unless you fully understand what you are signing. Tell your Rep.

Really! Here is some of the consequences of a decertification .

#1 Loss of vacation time

#2 loss of hours of work (29 hours or less ) means Obama care (ACA affordable care act)

#3 loss of pay

#4 loss of sick days

Who knows else ? protect your selves now !

Unity mean strength and a way and means to do just that

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