Sunday, March 31, 2013

Operator Seniority Grievance Decision

Arbitrator, John Mclean's Arbitration Decision for the Union. Seniority will prevail once again in our shop, another great job by our Labor Attorney, Adam Stern and our witnesses. Congratulations and get in the fight, we have proven we will not lay down and continue to win our battles!

Mclean Operator Seniority Decision

In Solidarity,
President Pineda


LaLaLand said...

Do ya think rick Satterlee & lee carey have decided that you guys need a Union now !!??.........

President, Ronnie Pineda said...

Would someone please read page 8 and tell me where management thinks the Arbitrator's decision, and his ultimate award, allows them to demote Keith?

Stop looking, it doesn't! That is why we just filed a grievance this evening. This blatant act of retaliation towards Keith is in no doubt, for losing the Operator Grievance Arbitration Case.

It is obvious, by the pattern of behavior which immediately follows after each Arbitration victory that "RETALIATION" is at the top of the list of things to do in the pressroom.

Either we all join together to see to it that there is enforcement of the Arbitrator's decision and then focus on our next victory which will be when we overturn Arbitrator Kagel's decision and then the whole shop will pick by seniority as it should be!

Get on board already and support our efforts to stop management and their ongoing acts of Anti-Union Animus, not only towards Keith, but everyone that has suffered unjustifiably because we chose to become a Union Shop.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, nobody really cared before until the bottom dropped out below them. Some of the best operators were let go. Lowest waste numbers. Highest papers per hour. Great leaders with their crews. Big mistake.
Now you pressroom people have a built in severance package if you get laid off. Not us before you. Where were you fellow presspeople at when we needed you. Walking the corner in downtown L.A. with signs and chants. Now your worried about being laid off. Some of the best workers are people that already were laid off due to the lay offs going by departmental seniority instead of company seniority. Stupid. They were employees that had years of cross training experience to the company that would do anything to make it work. Now your stuck with "semi union people" or " non union people" that are now worried about their jobs that are now in jeopardy and butt heads about what is best. Weak union. Either rise up or fall. The cream always rises to the top. To bad the company got rid of the "cream".
The "Chosen One".

Exec V.P. Chuck Reney said...

Very well (chosen one )…That is an interesting point of view but please put the blame where it really goes ! The Company hired 14 apprentices and has not hired any (cream) back .I guess saving money is more important to the company than having knowledge on the floor . This is not the Unions fault .

Anonymous said...

I would say it's the paragraph where the arbitrator states that the company could have demoted the operators when the relief operator position was created, but didn't. He states that IF there are relief operators (he states there doesn't have to be) that they be included with operator picks (not commercial products). Seems like the easiest move was to eliminate the relief operator position, which the arbitrator alludes to.
Remember the contract (great accomplishment?) that gives all management rights to the company.
The company hired 14 apprentices because the "contract" allows them to.
Man up and admit your mistakes and what it has cost LA Times pressmen.
The "victim card is getting old.

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