Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have you contacted your Representatives?

Dear Mr. Pineda,

Thank you for contacting me regarding Social Security. I value your views, and enjoy hearing from from you.
Social Security’s solvency is of the utmost importance and privatization is 
not the answer.  
Seniors have worked hard to earn their Social Security benefits and have 
a right to a secure retirement.
Social Security and Medicare are not handouts; they are benefits that American workers deserve. 

You can be sure that I will continue to oppose attempts to privatize Social Security. 
Congress should pay back the Trust Fund through fiscally responsible budgeting and work on a 
bipartisan basis to strengthen Social Security without ballooning the deficit, harming the middle class, 
or cutting guaranteed benefits.
I am the proud sponsor of legislation that will strengthen Social Security by eliminating the millions of 
dollars in insurance company fraud perpetrated on the system annually. 
This legislation would also reduce the workload at local offices.
Know that I will continue to be a strong voice for a sound Social Security system.
                         Rep.  Linda T. Sánchez

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