Friday, October 26, 2012

Read the TRUTH about The Rich's Deceptive Prop 32

We, as Americans, cannot allow the Rich to influence Politics in order to control the Unions. This Proposition is not the protection it is being presented as, it directly attacks Unions and the members rights to contribute to Politicians that actually work for the average American Worker. The Millionaires and Billionaires that are behind this Proposition are attempting to control the votes.They are directly behind this proposition that places no restrictions on themselves from spending unlimited amounts of money on campaigns that favor their interests at all of our expense! And by that, I mean financial expense!

THE TRUTH: Legally, Unions nor Corporations cannot take money from your paycheck,
  for any reason, even without Proposition 32, THAT WOULD BE STEALING AND IS AGAINST THE LAW. This security already exists and protects your paycheck from anyone taking from your wages without your WRITTEN PERMISSION or it is THEFT.

No On 32,
Ronnie Pineda
GCC/IBT Local 140-N

Here's a sampling of statewide newspapers that have endorsed 'No on Proposition 32':

LA Times: "No on Proposition 32: It purports to take aim at special interests in politics but in reality targets unions"
Sacramento Bee editorial: "Prop 32 power play deserves a 'no' vote"
Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune (Bay Area News Group) editorial: "Proposition 32 is deceptive and should be rejected"
San Franclsco Chronicle editorial: "Prop. 32 an unbalanced 'reform' plan"
Ventura County Star editorial: "Prop. 32 a sham, deserves to lose in Nov. 6 election"
San Jose Mercury News editorial: "Deceptive Prop. 32 would worsen campaign finance mess"
La Opinion editorial: "No en la ProposiciĆ³n 32

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