Friday, June 01, 2012


Local 140-N Attorney, Adam Stern notified me today of the Arbitrator's decision regarding a grievance filed against the Los Angeles Times involving Local 140-N, Executive Vice President, Keith Denson.

This decision stands to show that our members have been subjected to Anti-Union treatment at the hands of  Los Angeles Times management and supervision simply because we exercised our right to form a Union.  This is by no means an isolated incident; this behavior by management has been consistently exhibited since we sought to organize and continues today. 

I, along with our full Executive Board and Members hope that this decision will put and end to this type of anti-union sentiment from management and supervision, we are not, nor have we ever been the enemy, please don't continue to treat us as such. 

Great job Counselor, Adam Stern!

The Arbitrator's letter and decision can be read below.

In Solidarity,
Ronnie Pineda


Martin A. Callaghan said...

My congratulations!

Anonymous said...

God I Love it !!!

Benito Ramirez Teamsters lu 657 said...

Ron: Great victory! Teamsters local 657 in San Antonio, Tx wishes you many more wins.
Your leadership in the local is an example for other locals.
I hope you are feeling better.
Ron we need help in Texas, do you have any ideas on how our local can attract some full time pressmen to San Antonio.
I was planning on going to Arizona for the NANC but we never received an invite. Does it have anything to do with our merger with the teamsters?

President, Ronnie Pineda said...

Thanks for the kind words Brother Benito, but the credit goes to the team!

I would suggest offering a relocation incentive to motivate interested, and qualified Pressmen and Presswomen to consider moving to Texas. Moving expenses, assistance in locating and securing housing may be a great place to start if those are affordable.

As far as the NANC, it has nothing to do with the merger, we discovered that there were others that did not receive their invitations. As a result of this mixup, there were fewer delegates at the Conference.

Some of our GCC/IBT Local Officers chose not to come to Arizona due to the Arizona Governor's Immigration Legislation; the Teamsters Officers that were invited have been instructed not to attend specifically for that reason, but also reported not receiving their invitations either.

John Heffernan, President, 2N New York, hosted this years conference and with several thousand dollars seed money, committed to hosting it again next year in Scottsdale.

I doing o.K. health wise, my heart is the lesser of my health concerns. Humpty Dumpty was in better shape than I am right now! I had a full left knee replacement in 2007 and as soon as I can get my other knee replaced, my condition should improve, I hope, there are never any guarantees. My Doctors and I will then address my back and neck issues.

I think that covers it Brother Benito, I hope to see you soon and with some luck, maybe have some of our former members GO WEST! All of Our Best, From your Brothers and Sisters in Los Angeles, Ca. GCC/IBT Local 140-N

Ronnie Pineda

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