Friday, December 23, 2011


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The company has notified the union that there have been numerous questionable events taking place in recent months that lead them to believe that there are employees possibly creating dangerous and costly downtime incidents during production.  For the record, the Union denies any such behavior.

It was brought to my attention that a reel arm bolt wrench found its way into the compactor and the wrench was propelled from the machine at a dangerous speed causing damage to the compactor, and more importantly, could have caused a serious injury, or possibly even death to employees that were in the area at the time.  No one is being accused of intentionally placing the wrench in the waste container but management does not consider this an accident.

In the name of safety and cooperation, I must remind all bargaining unit employees that the Union does not condone nor do we support any behavior that would place another employee in harms way or interferes with production. Furthermore, the Union will not defend nor represent any individual found guilty of participating in any proscribed activity.

The following language pertains to this notice and should be understood and followed.

Section 3.1. No Strike. (a) During the term of this Agreement there shall be no strikes,
sympathy strikes, work stoppages, slowdowns, boycotts, intentional interruption of
production, delays or suspension of work of any nature, and no other acts that interfere
with the Company’s operations or the production or sale of its products or services by the
Union, its officers, agents or members, or by the employees. During the term of this
Agreement there shall be no lockout of any employees by the Company.

(b) The Union agrees that it will take every effort possible to discourage, prevent and
end any strike or proscribed activity and will inform all employees who participate in
such activity that it is their individual responsibility.

(c) Any or all employees participating in any such activity proscribed herein shall be
subject to disciplinary action, including discharge. In the event that a grievance is filed
with respect to activity proscribed herein, the only question before the arbitrator shall be
whether the employee engaged in such proscribed activity. If the arbitrator finds that the
employee engaged in the proscribed activity, s/he shall have no authority to rescind or
otherwise modify the discipline imposed by the Employer.

In Solidarity,
Ronnie Pineda
GCC/IBT Local 140-N

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