Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Press Conference

General President Hoffa joined representatives from the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association along with U.S. Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA)  and U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) in Otay/Mesa on the US/ Mexico border to hold a press conference this afternoon to denounce the crossing of Mexican trucks into the U.S. This Department of Transportation pilot program will cost American truck drivers jobs and put all American drivers safety at risk.

We've been assured by the DOT that these trucks will be safe and that GPS units will track mexican trucks while in the U.S. The first problem with this is that American Taxpayers are going to foot the bill for this technology not the companies that these deathtrap trucks are owned by.

We will have no way of knowing whether the mexican trucks are hauling legitimate cargo or drugs and contraband! We have no idea whether the Mexican Truck behind us on the freeway is going to be able to stop in time, or stop at all for that matter. Has the mexican truck driver slept the required hours of sleep determined necessary to operate a tractor trailer safely? Are his tires in good shape? Brakes?

Now lets talk about emissions! These Mexican trucks do not and will not meet our clean air quality standards and will deposit tons of diesel smog into our air. The list of potential nightmares are endless and we need to put an end to this "Pilot Disaster" before the first American life is lost and another American Driver has lost his seat behind the wheel.

Contact your representatives and tell them you too are opposed to Mexican Trucks crossing our borders!

Teamster Members attending Press conference

General President Hoffa talking with supportive members
Teamster V.P. at Large, Rick Middleton, General President, James Hoffa Jr. GCC/IBT Local 140-N President Ron Pineda 

General President Hoffa addressing the media

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