Thursday, August 11, 2011

NLRB finds Santa Barbara newspaper committed multiple unfair labor practices.

After years of battle at Santa Barbara News-Press, the GCC/IBT won a major victory today when the National Labor Relations Board unanimously found that the publisher committed multiple unfair labor practices during a union organizing campaign by newsroom employees. The Board ordered Ampersand Publishing LLC to offer reinstatement to eight fired journalists and other among other remedies.

The GCC/IBT organizing campaign began in the summer of 2006 after 15 journalists resigned from the newspaper to protest what they claimed was interference with their reporting of the news. An election petition was filed in August of 2006 by GCC employees voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Union.

In addition to reinstatement, the Board ordered the News-Press to cease and desist from the illegal activity, rescind discriminatory evaluations of four union supporters; rescind suspension notices sent to eleven employees; and make all discriminated employees whole with backpay awards.

In a highly unusual step, Chairman Liebman and Member Becker also ordered that a senior management official read, or be present at the reading of, the complete NLRB notice to be posted. Read the full decision here.

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