Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Local 140-N Update

Ken Hall~Ronnie Pineda~James Hoffa
Hello Brothers and Sisters,

It is good to be back in town after back to back Conventions. Delegates from across the U.S and Canada attended the GCC Convention for 3 days prior to the Teamsters 28th Convention to address  GCC International business. I will have copies of the convention highlights and more at our upcoming General Meeting. There is information that affects all of our members that will be disclosed at this meeting, so I encourage everyone to attend, remember, your vote at every meeting is important.

I was extremely surprised when told by General President Hoffa that he was closely watching our Anti-De-Cert Campaign and was very impressed when he knew the exact vote count. His message was to keep up the good work; I thanked General President Hoffa  and gave him one of our new Local 140-N hats, he thanked us in Los Angeles and pledged his attention and continued support.

General President Hoffa and New, Secretary Treasurer, Ken Hall dominated the nominations and are guaranteed their positions for the next 5 years to lead the Teamsters. Their opposition at this years Convention was crushed at the polls. The opposing candidates low numbers upset many of the delegates for causing unnecessary election expenses for their Locals to bear knowing that their bids to unseat the Hoffa slate was futile.

I encourage everyone to visit the Teamster website to read about the important issues that are being addressed by our General President, James Hoffa  and our Teamster International staff in the Legislative halls of Washington and many states across America. There is a War on Workers being waged by Corporate Billionaires and Republican Governors and The Teamsters are fighting back! Right To Work (for less) bills were introduced by 15 newly elected Republican Governors......ON THE SAME DAY! We cannot allow these rich SOB's to destroy America and our families to satisfy their gluttony and greed. To learn more on The war on Workers visit 

This is a concerted effort by the wealthy to eliminate the middle class citizen by introducing bills that deny workers from all walks of life, and trades, their right to bargain with their employer over wages and working conditions. 

Far too many workers take the benefits they receive for granted simply because there is a law in place protecting those benefits. What many fail to realize is that Organized Labor and the Unions that Represented Workers and their rights fought to receive these benefits in their Contracts long ago. Eventually many benefits such as overtime became law.

As far as Local 140 affairs, We are awaiting the return of our Attorney, Adam Stern at which time we intend to request a written statement detailing the specifics of the recent 7 Hour Shift Arbitration Decision and prepare to present our desired resolution to management and their representatives. The Arbitrators decision calls for the parties to come to a resolution, or the Arbitrator will determine what would resolve the contract violation. More on that at our upcoming Meeting.

There is much more ahead including negotiations and other grievances and Arbitration's so be sure to attend the upcoming General Meeting. I am waiting for confirmation of the location but intend on holding the meeting this coming Sunday, July, 10, 2011 so mark your calendar!  

Time and Location will be posted this afternoon,
In Solidarity,
Ronnie Pineda
Local 140-N

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