Monday, June 06, 2011

Staying Union !

Hello My fellow co workers,

I have Just received a mailing from Lee Cary, Stating all the things, we lost being union and all to try not being union for a year. Well that’s very interesting. Do you realize what that really means .Things like Being a fire at will employee, Hours changed at will (40 a week instead of 35) wages subject to change .possible part time employees taking the place of fulltime employees and the good one is no recourse for actions taken against us.
There are 55 yes 55 grievances file as of now !Wow you would have to ask yourself what is going on. Yet we are told they are no good ,trivial, mistaken issues .OK 55 of them lol this is how Lee says you will be taken care of ! I put my trust in solidarity and what we can accomplish together .I do not put anything to chance ! Vote yes to keep our union !!!!

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