Saturday, April 09, 2011


The Union and the Co. met on April 6 & 7 to begin negotiations on our new contract. We covered a variety of topics which were addressed by our Contract Review Committee and have exchanged several proposals based on the committees findings.

We did reach tentative agreements in areas of the grievance and arbitration  language that would speed up the process of selecting an Arbitrator and having our grievances heard and resolved. We also cleaned and agreed to remove any language that was unnecessary.

A memo was posted detailing an agreement to re-pick vacations which in  turn, resolved two grievances regarding vacation picking. Any one that would suffer a financial loss as a result of re-picking must notify the union with proof of loss such as airline or hotel reservations and those vacation times will be granted. This will be a one time situation as schedules should now be picked prior to vacations going forward. Receipts or non-refundable deposits must be dated prior to April 7, 2011

Some Members have asked to attend the negotiations and are welcome to observe by the union on a limited basis due to seating by first notifying Executive Vice President Denson or myself.

Negotiations resume on May 3&4.

In Solidarity!
President Pineda

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