Tuesday, March 15, 2011

American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires

When WI Gov. Walker picked a fight with working people, Pittsburg hip hop artist Jasiri X went to Madison, worked his way into the mob of 70,000, and shot this video for his latest protest song, “American Workers vs Multi-Billionaires.” Jasiri X will be in LA on March 26 to perform the song!

Jasiri X is a Pittsburgh hip hop artist who became nationally known in 2007, with the song “Free the Jena Six.” The song was named 2007 Hip Hop Political Song of the Year and quickly galvanized the community in support of the youth unlawfully incarcerated in Jena, LA. Jasiri is president of LYRICS, Inc. (Leading Young Rappers In Career Success) and a founding member of One HOOD, an organization of men working against violence in black communities.

Courtesy of Barbara Maynard~Facebook~ "Our Communities/Our Jobs"

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