Friday, February 11, 2011

Follow The Rules.

  • STOP HANGING ROLLS BY YOURSELF! It is very dangerous and it is a practice that must stop! This practice also misleads management into thinking that we have ample staffing to line-up and keep the presses running. This is also why management assigns the reel room  workers three RTP's and then expect you to perform quickly, safely and flawlessly. Hang rolls with a partner and don't hang it until you have one, you cannot be diciplined for following safety protocols.  Proctect yourself and your co-workers! Management is not telling anyone to hang rolls by themself, but they're not tripping over eachother to stop those that do from doing so. STOP IT NOW BEFORE SOMEONE GETS SERIOUSLY INJURED....OR WORSE.  
  • DO NOT BEGIN WORKING PRIOR TO YOUR SHIFT START TIME. The company is not going to accept liability for any injuries that are sustained before you are scheduled to begin working and also because you're not getting paid for it. 
  • TAKE YOUR FULL BREAKS AND LUNCHES. You have the legal right to these rest and meal periods and should not miss them for ANY reason! It is your responsibility to take your breaks; if taking your break creates an unsafe situation such as leaving your partner in the reelroom by themself to work alone,then supervision MUST be notified of the unsafe condition it would cause. The company must pay employees an hour penalty for all missed breaks and lunches; missing them is actually taking money out of your own pocket!
  • TAKE SAFES WHEN PLATING UP, STRIPPING OR WASHING BLANKETS, DO NOT SPEED WASH. These are the easiest ways to get injured and the easiest way to get written up! Whats the hurry? Haste makes waste and mistakes! 
  • CHECK YOUR LINEUPS, AVOID TRANSPOSING PLATES. This is by far the most common error that puts you on managements radar and is no longer accepted as "human error".  Regardless of the fact that each pressperson is now responsible for hanging approximately twice the amount of plates per run than you did just 5 years ago, you are 100% accountable and will be dinged or worse if you continually transpose! Check, double check and then check again before you hang it.
As always, safety first!

In Solidarity,
President, Ronnie Pineda

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