Friday, December 11, 2009

Los Angeles Times Pressmens 20 Year Club: Pfaffinger Foundation for LA Times Employees#links

Friday, December 11, 2009
Pfaffinger Foundation for LA Times Employees

This just in from the CEO of the Pfaffinger Foundation Stephen C. Meier:

Dear Ed Padgett,

I’m writing you in the hopes that you can get some of the following information about Pfaffinger Foundation on the Pressmen’s website.The Pfaffinger Foundation was established in part to help Times employees, former employees, and their families. While we were once well known by just about everyone at The Times, we are concerned that many current and former Times employees no longer think of Pfaffinger when they experience financial difficulties. In 2008, we assisted 236 Los Angeles Times employees, former employees and retirees. Our numbers are down in 2009, which is troubling to us.

Among the ways Pfaffinger is assisting employees and former employees:1. Paying some or all of COBRA payments if the individual is unable to do so.2. Making a limited number of rent or mortgage payments while the family restructures its finances.3. Arranging for financial counseling at no cost.4. Assisting with medical bills not covered by insurance (and sometimes we are able to negotiate a reduction with the provider as well). We can also assist with a variety of other bills (e.g. utilities).

The way to access Pfaffinger services is to call us at (213) 680-7460. We do not have a website because our first step with an inquiry is to determine eligibility, and we do this on a case-by-case basis in conversation with the applicant. We are also happy to mail out a brochure.Every applicant works with a professional case manager and is guided through the application process. Client information is totally confidential. Of course, approval is not automatic and we are not a “benefit.” In fact, we are totally independent of The Times and Tribune.

I hope this information is of interest to you and I would like to discuss with you how it might be shared with your members.Please feel free to e-mail me or call at (213) 680-7467.

Thanks,Steve MeierStephen C. MeierChairman and CEOPfaffinger Foundation316 W. 2nd St., Suite PH-C Los Angeles, CA 90012Tel: (213) 680-7467Fax: (213) 680-7474


Nice work Ed!

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Ed Padgett said...

Steve Meier sent his thanks for getting the word out. Will distribute additional information as soon as possible for our colleagues.

Thank you Ronnie,

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